QRCOde-Covid (Pixabay)

QRCOde-Covid (Pixabay)

The Health Pass, science and politics

Viewpoint. While health care personnel must have received at least one dose of vaccine by September 15, 2021, under penalty of sanctions, and the health pass has been mandatory since August 9, Dr. Christophe Grangeon, an emergency physician and forensic scientist in New Caledonia, explains why these measures have a political rather than a health justification.

Many encouraging leads are emerging to combat the coronavirus, but they have yet to pass clinical trials.(Shutterstock)

Memento Covid-19 : A quick review before the start of the school year

Since the discovery of SARS-CoV-2 in China on January 9, 2020, we have been inundated with more or less verified information on the pandemic. It is useful to take stock of the scientific knowledge on the subject, with Jean-Marc Sabatier*.