In the second quarter of 2020, GDP contracted by 13.8%.

Total production of goods and services is falling sharply. The contraction is particularly strong in construction (-24.1% after -12.8%), but the production of goods also falls (-16.8% after -5.6%) and the production of market services also falls sharply (-13.4% after -5.0%) according to INSEE.


Coronavirus : Sanitation trains are not new

Point-of-view. The train has long been used to transport the sick and wounded to hospitals and pilgrims to Lourdes, as Bernard Aubin rightly reminds us in his chronicle.


Pensions : 49-3, a huge political mistake

That’s exactly the wrong thing to do. Announcing the use of 49-3 in the open on a late Saturday afternoon, after a cabinet meeting on coronavirus, is a major blunder that Macronesia will pay a heavy price for. At the ballot box. And in the street.