Agriculture : Over 1,000 tractors in Brussels

Farmers are expressing their anger in Brussels on the sidelines of the meeting of the 27 EU agriculture ministers. Hundreds of tractors invaded the streets of the European quarter. Clashes broke out with the police.

Brussels: the tractors of anger against Europe (capture euronews)
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France gags freedom of information

By extending the statute of limitations for insulting and defaming elected representatives, the freedom to inform is threatened. Journalists’ unions denounce this unspeakable infringement of press law.

Massive demonstrations in Paris (capture Unité CGT Facebook)

France on the brink of explosion

With less than 5 months to go before the European elections (June 9) and the Olympic Games (July 26-August 11), all the indicators are red: debt, recession, unemployment. The social climate is stormy. The political atmosphere is unbreathable. Can we still avoid a social explosion?