NATO : Obese and drugged soldiers?

For those still considering their country’s participation in a high-intensity war against Russia, General Dominique Delawarde recommends taking careful account of the current state of NATO’s armed forces, and in particular the physical condition of military personnel.

Recruiting difficulties in the US Army (UnlimPhotos)

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Niger Republic

Niger raises its voice and issues an ultimatum to France

Niamey putschists demand French ambassador’s departure. The ultimatum expires on Saturday, September 2. But from Friday 1ᵉʳ September, a giant sit-in will be organized to demand the departure of French troops from Niger. Paris refuses.

Location of fuel tank in charred Puisseguin coach (Photo Gendarmerie)

A bomb on every coach!

Contrary to the official version, a pensioner from Lorraine has identified the probable cause of several fatal coach fires, such as in Beaune (53 deaths in 1982) Puisseguin (43 deaths in 2015), but also in Germany, Bulgaria, Egypt and Algeria… Over 200 deaths, including 100 French. He alerted the authorities. To no avail.


How has the Russian economy held up under sanctions since February 2022? (1/2)

The 65ᵉ session of the Franco-Russian seminar co-organized by the Centre d’Études des Modes d’Industrialisation of the École de Guerre Économique (Paris) and the Institute of Economic Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow) was held in Paris from July 3 to 5, 2023. Jacques Sapir, a well-known journalist and economist, gives an edifying account of the event, published on the “Les crises” website.