Solgne (Moselle) : An elected representative asks the mayor to lodge a complaint… against the mayor!

At the heart of the dispute was the construction of a dental home, which was dragging on and on. So much so that the building permit has become obsolete. As a result, the building is now illegal.

Does Mariline Thiébaut, a minority member of the Solgne municipal council in Moselle, have a grudge against the mayor? Or more precisely, against the construction of a dental home in the village? The question arises after her lawyer, Vincent Poudampa, sent a somewhat facetious letter to the town’s chief magistrate, Jean Stamm.

A building permit is valid for three years

As you know,” writes the lawyer, “the commune is carrying out construction work on a dental home located rue des Étangs in Solgne (57420). The dental home is a building financed by the commune of Solgne and built on land owned by the commune of Solgne. It comprises a single-storey building with three treatment rooms, a surgery room, a waiting room, a radiology room, a sterilization room, a tea room, a secretariat and toilets. A building permit (PC n°057 655 20 M0001) was issued on July 06, 2020 for this dental clinic. However, the work is being carried out without planning permission issued by the commune, as work did not start until July 06, 2023, when the building permit expired. Work began in October 2023, three months after the permit expired.

Modified plans

But that’s not all. The lawyer points out that the plans for the dental home under construction differ from those in the 2020 building permit. In fact,” he writes to the mayor, “the flat roof has become a pitched roof, and the footprint has increased (from 205 m 2 to 220 m 2). Admittedly, the lawyer acknowledged, the municipality had submitted an amended building permit, but this application was still under review. This amending permit is therefore not valid for the work in progress.

Complaint by the mayor against the mayor

“Ms. Thiébaut is asking the commune to draw up a report noting the existence of work in breach of the provisions of the town planning code, to forward this report without delay to the Metz public prosecutor’s office so that an investigation can be ordered and, finally, for the commune of Solgne to initiate legal proceedings against the mayor before the judicial court, with a view to obtaining the demolition of the works already built, and for a stop-work order to be issued in the meantime.

Complaint lodged by the A-C association!

A few months ago, the anti-corruption association A.C.!! lodged a complaint with the Metz public prosecutor’s office against the mayor of Solgne for “fraud, breach of trust, illegal taking of interest and misappropriation of public property”, concerning an association created and administered by the mayor’s office, on suspicion of evading the constraints of public accounting on the one hand, and municipal democracy on the other.
To be continued…

We tried in vain to reach Mr. Jean Stamm, mayor of Solgne. We left him a message to ask his opinion on the matter. We will gladly give him the floor as soon as he wishes.



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