Jibeone : Forms and colors of the South

Artist coming from street art, Jibeone makes his art evolve towards new supports: frames, canvases, clocks, lamps and other car doors to which he gives a new and unexpected life. Some of his works will be exhibited at Pompidou, others will be sent to Hong-Kong.

He is a southerner. It is obvious when you see his works. Color, many colors as many suns illuminating his life. And forms, supple and generous, intertwined with each other without mixing, as if the autan wind was going to meet the powerful mistral through a maze of invented landscapes. Several of his works will be exhibited in Hong Kong. Others, like Stop, will be shown at the Georges Pompidou Museum in Paris in December.

Jibeone, in residence in Toulouse

Jibeone31, his artist name, is originally from Perpignan. He has been living in Toulouse for five years. After training in architecture and graphic arts, his professional career has led him to visit France, but also many cities around the world. He has met many artists, he has been nourished by his encounters and his multiple experiences to make his art evolve and give it its own signature.

Protean creations

After 20 years of classic graffiti practiced everywhere, he is now in a municipal workshop in Toulouse where he creates protean creations on different supports. I customize urban or everyday objects, rather vintage,” he says. I also do some work on canvas.”
A purist of the aerosol can, he makes his creation evolve towards a more and more abstract current, by pushing the limits of deconstruction. In fact, the shapes are more rounded, more colorful, more dynamic. He experiments with mixing letters, shapes and colors to give his works a unique touch.
The result is there: dazzling works conducive to dreams and imagination.

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Stop, de Jibeone
Stop, de Jibeone