November letter from Gaia to Aurora kepler

Our planet Earth, Gaia in Greek, considered as a living being, regularly corresponds with another planet in the universe, Aurora Kepler 452 B in the constellation of the Swan. Gilles Voydeville makes us discover this magnificent interstellar correspondence.

Dr Gilles Voydeville (DR)
Dr Gilles Voydeville (DR)

Gaia, month of November 2021
Kepler, month of milky mists


My dear Aurora

I will not be able to warm you up as I did in my last letter by evoking sunny days and late heat. Here, it is the month of November which often prepares me for winter by the rigor of its climate and the weak ardor of its light. My clouds wrap me up in their fluffy fluff that keeps me warm but isolates me from my star. And when they scratch like a tramp’s coat, they let some rays filter through which pamper me but let the last sweetness escape towards the infinity of our father Ether…

I come back to your letter.

I still loved the story of your Big Five which was an anthology episode of the life of your planet. I remember at the time the evocation of your pleasure at the hearing of the first crash of these avian fortresses and I find your comparison between their remains and the transi of the knight Rene de Chalon very judicious. My marble is smoother than your frosts, so I imagine a sculpture made of crystalline rock glistening in the morning rays, to see what you see and rejoice in such a distant exposure.

You rarely speak to me by name of your inhabitants and I am delighted to discover Utula’s existence.

A powerful Ovoid and obviously eager to keep the power, or at least I imagine so in view of the love – here it is called love – that she bears to citizen Xi. The charm of the latter escapes somewhat the West, which sees in him only another tyrant. Among the Romans, the tyrant was elected for a short time. When Caesar obtained the command for ten years, it was to die some time later under the daggers of the senators. The Romans were more fussy than the Hans about the exercise of power. It is true that Caesar prepared the advent of the Augustan emperor, but I do not see China returning to the imperial era from which communism has freed it.

Unless all this masquerade of the Central Committee is there only to prepare the advent of Xi1 Emperor of the Very Great Empire of the Communist Party.

Does Utula want the salvation of her people, as all these rulers would have us believe? Or does she desire her own, in the temporal enjoyment of power or the trace she will leave? A certain Shakespeare thought, a few centuries ago, that salvation does not exist. Neither for some nor for others. To govern, one needs pure and detached reason, combined with passion, which is quite difficult to reconcile. What’s more, for the sake of the other. To govern is an oblique art that must be animated by a reason that itself must be supported by the passion that it also has the mission to supervise. And as Chateaubriand wrote, it takes different qualities to seize power and then exercise it, which does not augur well for frequent good governances.

But since Utula wants a quantum photo of her hero, I will urge our physicists to do the impossible.

Here, on my land, my little Sars-Cov-2 virus is still going strong despite mass vaccinations. It is already taking advantage of the bad quality of some vaccines added to the distrust of the charming people towards the power. As in Russia for example where the accumulation of the two handicaps generates a fifth wave of quality. It is a country where the people let the elites get rich but ask them to let them live quietly.

These people have been lied to so much that they no longer believe in anything that comes from power.

They are even surprised that Russian medicine, which has not invented anything in the last thirty years, nor produced any medicines, is able to lead in the high-level technological race that is the rapid production of vaccines. The little people, the muzhiks, do not wonder why the authorities are concerned about them: they know that their welfare is the least of the regime’s concerns. They know that their welfare is the least of the regime’s concerns, but that the oligarchy wants to restore its image of altruism, that Russia should be considered as a land of invention, while some countries like France are no longer so. It is also a message of power that could be expressed in many other fields… Moreover, Ukraine is trembling, because the vaccine bear is lurking at the borders of its land.

Central and Eastern Europe is less well vaccinated than the South or the North. History can explain this difference: in Austria, for example, vaccination was only made compulsory by the Nazis and then continued by the Allied occupiers. In Germany it is the same, and the measles vaccine has only been compulsory since 2020, whereas it has been compulsory since 1963 in the United States.

A great Swiss paradox emerges.