Ukraine : When Eurovision becomes a geopolitical issue

The Ukrainian rap group won the Eurovision 2022 contest. As expected, the public did not only judge the quality of the performance but wanted to reward a country at war.

Were the games done in advance? By excluding Russia from the Eurovision 2022 contest, Ukraine became the public’s favorite because of the current geopolitical context.
In fact, the rap group Kalush Orchestra was crowned champion of the evening by interpreting Stefania, a tribute to the mother of singer Oleh Psiuk. With 631 points (of which 439 were awarded by the public!) the Ukrainian group beat the United Kingdom (466 points) and Spain (459 points). The Breton group representing France was placed second to last.

“Our music conquers Europe”

Without minimizing the quality of Kalush Orchestra’s musical performance, it is clear that the perfect Ukrainian group was a favorite in Turin, Italy, where the 66ᵉ edition of Eurovision, watched by 200 million viewers, was held. And it was indeed the 439 points awarded by the public that made the difference.
A few minutes after the coronation of Ukrainian musicians, President Volodymyr Zelensky congratulated his countrymen: “Our courage impresses the world,” he said, “our music conquers Europe!” The Ukrainian president promised that his country would host the 67ᵉ edition of the Eurovision contest in 2023 in a rebuilt country.