Florence Tisserant : a Web TV on micronutrition

Food and health are intimately linked. Florence Tisserant, Dr. in pharmacy from Nancy, has just created a YouTube channel on the subject for professionals, but also for the public. Interview.

-Florence Tisserant, you are a doctor of pharmacy from Nancy, you have just created a WebTV on YouTube. What is your idea?

I am a Dr. in pharmacy, Thésée since June 2006. I bought my 1ʳᵉ dispensary in 2010 in a town near Nancy (Jarville-la-Malgrange). A few months later, I learned that one of my pharmacy preparers had multiple sclerosis. She was 20 years old, very motivated by her work and with a lot of ambition. So the discovery of her MS affected me a lot. During our university studies, we learned that the causes of autoimmune diseases are unknown and that only heavy anti-inflammatory treatments are effective to simply avoid the evolution of the disease. So I decided to “dig in” and learn more about this field. I first came across the importance of vitamin D in this pathology, as well as the importance of a balanced diet.

– And what about the second step?

I continued to look for clinical studies or any other information that could potentially help patients with autoimmune diseases. I read many books on this subject until I became passionate about health nutrition and micro-nutrition. Micro-nutrition allows us to rebalance our body in trace elements, vitamins, etc. in order to preserve or revive the enzymatic activities within our cells. It is also based on the fact that an unhealthy intestine is linked to many pathologies.

-This encouraged you to go further…

Indeed, I specialized in this field through two university diplomas at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Dijon, then I completed my learning in natural medicines through another university diploma in aromatherapy and phytotherapy at the Faculty of Medicine of Besançon, as well as through many other trainings at laboratories specialized in micro-nutrition.

-Did you apply your new knowledge?

I then moved to the French Riviera (for family reasons) and implemented all my new knowledge within my 2ᵉ pharmacy. The results were so positive with patients that I decided to create an e-learning course for healthcare professionals who would also like to specialize.

-And for the public ?

From now on, my goal is to make this new therapeutic approach known to a maximum of patients. I have therefore decided to create a YouTube channel, accessible to everyone, with advice every week through mini-videos of 5 to 10 minutes and on different themes. For example, you can find a video on intestinal disorders, cow’s milk or gluten intolerance, gastro-esophageal reflux in infants and adults, etc. And for people (health professionals or others) who wish to specialize in micro-nutrition and health food, I have also put on this YouTube channel my complete medical training which includes 3 videos of 10 to 20 minutes/week.

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YouTube channel with 1st video on intestinal disorders