Censorship to the rescue of vaccines

For suggesting that the monkeypox epidemic was linked to mRNA vaccines Professor Shmuel Shapira, former director of the Israel Institute for Biological Research between 2013 and 2021, is censored by Twitter.

professeur Shmuel Shapira (wikimédia commons) Shapiras, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
professeur Shmuel Shapira (wikimédia commons)

Social media have become war machines for Big Pharma. There is no way they will allow Internet users who denigrate vaccines to express themselves freely. Even the greatest doctors, even the best scientists in the world are not allowed to question the effectiveness of vaccines. They are simply censored, banned, excommunicated, as in the good old days of the inquisition. The latest example is that of Prof. Shmuel Shapira MD MPH (Colonel), who was director of the Israeli Institute for Biological Research between 2013 and 2021.

Monkeypox and Covid vaccines

Kanekoa magazine, picked up by The DeQoders, reports that the famous professor, author of more than 100 scientific papers, had one of his Twitter posts removed for saying, “Monkeypox cases have been rare for years. In recent years, only one case has been documented in Israel. It is well established that mRNA vaccines affect the natural immune system. An outbreak of monkeypox after mass vaccination of covids: not a coincidence.”

Professor Shapira, has repeatedly denounced the harmful effects of vaccines. A few days after opening a Twitter account, in January 2022, he challenged the awarding of the Genesis Prize to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla.
In February, he asks, “What grade would you give to a vaccine that people are vaccinated with three times and get sick twice (so far)? Not to mention the significant side effects […]”.
In April, he railed, “The CEO of the company, whose millions of vaccines have been used in Israel for vaccination, said in an interview with NBC that Israel serves as a global laboratory. To my knowledge, this is the first case in history where experimental guinea pigs have paid an exorbitant fee for their participation.”
In May: “I received 3 vaccines, I was ‘physically injured’ in a very significant way as many other people were injured…And furthermore, my trust in the nature of the decisions and in the decision-making processes was severely eroded. No one has asked and checked. I will fight as hard as I can for truthful answers about all decisions, not just the vaccine […]”

In June: “I’m going to go ahead and ask why give a fifth outdated vaccine that doesn’t prevent disease and apparently causes many significant common side effects.”
In July: “According to official Australian data, the more doses you are injected with, the more likely you are to get sick, with the fourth injection dramatically jumping the risk. According to this study, it’s supposedly an antivaccine, at least from what I’ve been taught.” He added, a few days later, “I’m not anti-vaccine, I’m anti-stupidity, anti-false science, and anti-incompetent management.”

All these arguments and observations on the side effects of vaccines have been presented here by Jean-Marc Sabatier for two years! He too and infodujour are regularly censored by modern-day inquisitors and small-time Torquemada.



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