Fuel discount : starts tomorrow

The fuel discount will be 15 euro cents per liter, excluding tax. It may reach 18 cents per liter depending on the level of VAT applied. Consult the amounts in force in your region (Bercy Infos).

This is the flagship measure of the Government’s resilience plan. The “fuel rebate,” will go into effect April 1 for four months, through July 31. All about the economic and social resilience plan

How much will the discount be ?

The discount will be 15 cents per liter for gasoline and diesel. The discount may reach 18 cents per liter depending on the level of VAT applied to petroleum products. Indeed, these levels differ in the different French territories:

  • In the overseas territories, there is no VAT on petroleum products. The discount will be 15 euro cents per liter.
  • In Corsica, the 13% VAT implies a discount of 17 cents.
  • In mainland France, the VAT on petroleum products is 20%, so the discount will be 18 cents per liter.

The aid is finally 15 euros per MWh for natural gas fuel and 29.13 euros per 100 kg net for LPG-c.

Who is this discount intended for ?

The “fuel discount” will apply to both individuals and professionals. Indeed, it is also a support measure for farmers, fishermen, road transporters, cabs and public works.

Which fuels are concerned?

The fuels concerned are diesel, fishing diesel, off-road diesel (GNR), gasoline (SP95, SP98-E5, SP-95-E10), liquefied petroleum gas fuel (GPL-c), natural gas vehicle (GNV) in compressed (GNC) or liquefied (GNL) form, superethanol (E85) and ethanol diesel (ED95).

How will the “fuel discount” be implemented?

A subsidy of 15 euro cents before tax (or the above-mentioned amount for CNG and LPG-c) will be paid to the fuel distributors (the most upstream distributors of the distribution network) for the volumes sold.

The aid will then be passed on to the service stations or professionals, and passed on to the final consumer. When arriving at a service station, the consumer will see the price of the fuel already discounted both on the totems and on the prices at the pump. They will therefore pay the discounted fuel price directly.

In order for service stations to have discounted fuel in their tanks on March 31, 2022, and to apply the discount as of April 1, Decree No. 2022-423 of March 25 provides for two procedures:

  • Consumers will be able to sell discounted fuel to service stations or professionals from March 27, 2022. This anticipation of a few days, at the level of the distributors, makes it possible to take into account the constraints of renewal of the tanks of the service stations, or of the stocks of the professionals, without generating a shortage at the pump.
  • Small independent service stations (which sell less than 50 m3 of fuel per month and which own their business), often located in rural areas, may only renew their tanks every 10 or even 20 days. Some of them are therefore likely to have no fuel in their tanks as of April 1, despite the fact that they will have to wait until March 27. For small independent service stations that wish to do so, in order to be able to apply the discount as of April 1 like the other players, and without this weighing on their cash flow, a flat-rate advance of 3,000 euros, to be reimbursed by September 16 at the latest, will be paid to them by the Agency for Services and Payment (ASP).

This scheme will run until July 31, 2022 and is not limited in terms of the volume of fuel sold: it is therefore not necessary to go to a petrol station from April 1 to benefit from it.

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