The worrying shortage of toilet paper !

Between the horrors of war filmed in Boutcha, Ukraine and the political disputes of the twelve presidential candidates, we learn with horror that the price of PQ will increase! Will we recover ?

This is one of the consequences of the war between Russia and Ukraine, but also of the health crisis that has hit most countries on the planet: the price of raw materials is exploding. And therefore the price of basic necessities, first and foremost paper. Paper in all its forms: newsprint, of course, paper handkerchiefs, paper towels and, of course, toilet paper, that good old QP.

Pink or white

Who says so? The president of the Strategic Committee of Leclerc Centers, Michel-Edouard Leclerc himself, on BFMTV, April 3, 2022. “The price of toilet paper will increase considerably,” he said, noting that, for the moment, there is no shortage to fear. At least until the summer.
We remember that at the beginning of the sanitary crisis, in 2020, the French made gigantic stocks of toilet paper by fear of shortage. Supermarkets were plundered of their hygienic rolls, pink or white, double thickness, soft, resistant, etc. Finally, there was no shortage of toilet paper. Phew !

13 kg per year and per European

It is true that everyone needs these pieces of paper. The market for toilet and household paper in Europe is worth 8.5 billion euros, or 26% of global consumption, according to Wikipedia. Each European uses 13 kg per year, on average.
The toilet paper and household paper market is growing rapidly in all countries of the world. It is the strongest growth of all the products of first necessity in China and in Brazil. But there are strong “cultural” disparities in its use: a French person consumes 71 rolls/year on average, an English person 127 and a German 134.
Known only since the beginning of the 20ᵉ century, PQ became widespread in France after World War II.