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L Alsace celebrates its Fan Day on June 24, 2022

For its 5thᵉ edition and as every year, the international event of ALSACE FAN DAY will take place on June 24. From Canada to Japan, from Sweden to Australia, as in all of Alsace, Alsatians from all over the world celebrate their identity and values on this day… while partying !

“Since 2018, all lovers of Alsace gather every year on June 24 around the world to celebrate Alsace, the art of living and the talents of its people, its history and the beauty of the country, its symbols and its values,” said Gerard Staedel, President of the International Union of Alsatians, creator of Alsace Fan Day.

At the international level, in 105 countries, 60 associations and 15 delegations, members of the International Union of Alsatians, will participate in this exceptional day, spread over 6 continents and some 20 countries. A special moment, unique in the year, that these expatriate Alsatians share with family and friends to celebrate their culture and their gastronomy… and to find themselves a bit “like at home, gelt !

900 municipalities taking part in the event

In Alsace, from North to South, 40 cantons and 900 municipalities will be part of the event. And all the actors, institutions, professional associations, and partners of Alsace Fan Day are mobilized for this annual event: CEA, ADT Alsace, Adira, Marque Alsace, ARIA, CIVA and SYNVIRA, OLCA, the Brewers of Alsace, the Federation of Chefs of Alsace, as well as many private partners.
Together with the International Union of Alsatians, they share the same ambitions.

To consolidate Alsace Fan Day as a pillar of the region’s attractiveness, just like the Christmas holidays, by making this day radiate the excellence and wealth of Alsace in all its facets, economic, industrial, artistic, cultural, scientific, gastronomic… And to make Alsace Fan Day the celebration of all Alsatians, in Alsace and throughout the world, on the same day and at the same time, like St. Patrick’s day for the Irish.

To celebrate, all towns and villages, Alsatian and international associations are invited to organize as many events as possible to welcome a large public, happy to participate in the event. In Alsace for example, bars, cafés, brasseries and
In Alsace, for example, bars, cafés, brasseries and restaurants will display the red-and-white colors of Alsace Fan Day: banners, T-shirts, pennants, coasters, etc… And for a typical atmosphere, some of them will welcome artists and musical groups.

The biggest party for the Alsatians

In order to make this emblematic Alsatian festival the largest Alsatian festival in the world, to gather and unite all Alsatians in the same communion, unprecedented means will be implemented.

  • A complete digital platform around a new application:

Alsatians from all over the world can already connect for free to this new application which allows them to be informed of all the news of the Alsace Fan Day 2022 ( It also allows the different actors and participants of the AFD to have some visibility: this is the case of the UIA associations in the world, the municipalities and other private companies participating in Alsace.
It is a digital tool ( that will contribute concretely to the information, the promotion and the influence of Alsace in the world

  • A Web-TV and a live broadcast of more than 14 hours:

On June 24, the website and the app will be in Web TV mode for the live broadcast, accessible on all devices, even television.
This web-TV, accessible directly from the app and on all screens, will allow Alsatians, wherever they are, to follow live all the events, demonstrations, meetings of the Alsace Fan Day wherever they take place.

Strasbourg, where the TV set will be installed, will be the anchor of the event

Fans will be able to follow a non-stop program of reports, testimonies, interviews with Alsatian personalities, sketches, musical interludes and the interventions of Alsatians from abroad, themselves in the middle of the Alsace Fan Day celebration! On June 24, the countdown of the “live” section of the application will give way to the live broadcast from 9:45 am (Strasbourg time).

“Alsace Fan Day is above all the emblematic celebration of Alsace. We are proud of our Alsatian identity and we want to show it. It is also the event that helps promote the image of Alsace in the world, by promoting our know-how and our many skills. It is a moment of sharing where the industrial, cultural and associative world meets and exchanges around the same objective on the same day. Alsatians who have made a career abroad bear witness to our values of mutual aid and solidarity which are the strength of our network of the International Union of Alsatians. Alsace Fan Day is also a way to consolidate our network, to strengthen our contacts, because our objective is global. But also and of course, to celebrate together, as we know how to do it in Alsace” confirms Gérard Staedel, President of the International Union of Alsatians.

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