Is there a link between turbo cancers and mRNA vaccines?

Lightning cancers are on the rise worldwide. Because of mRNA vaccines? No, say eminent oncologists. Yes, says Jean-Marc Sabatier : there is a link between turbo cancers and anti-Covid-19 vaccines. Here’s how it works.

The debate on lightning cancers has taken center stage on TV over the past few days, and has continued in a more muscular fashion on social networks.
On January 15, 2024, on the set of Touche ”Pas À Mon Poste”, Nathalie Marquay-Pernaut reiterated her belief that the anti-Covid-19 vaccine had hastened the death of her husband, Jean-Pierre Pernaut. The famous TF1 journalist suffered thirteen strokes, the last of which proved fatal. But she was against a third dose of the vaccine.
A few days earlier, on CNews, Pr Didier Raoult explained that there was a link between the covid-19 vaccine and lymphomas. “The tweaking done to make the RNA last longer has created unknown proteins that wander around the body, and we don’t know what they do,” explains Raoult.

“No causality, no scientifically substantiated explanation”.

Prof. Mathieu Molimard of the Société française de pharmacologie et de thérapeutique (SFPT) disagrees, saying that these are “undesirable effects that in practice have not been observed”. The SFPT explains its position in a Flash entitled “#FL003: Alternative protein synthesis induced by mRNA vaccines.”
In an article published by L’Express on March 18, 2023, “some 50 oncologists refute claims that Covid vaccination increases the risk of developing or worsening cancer”. They add: “Cases of lymphoma have also been reported exceptionally after other vaccinations, such as influenza vaccination, again without causality or scientifically supported mechanistic explanation. On the other hand, contrary to rumors, no case of rapid progression of solid cancers after vaccination against Covid-19 has been reported.

Explosion of cancers, particularly among young people

How, then, can we explain this explosion in the number of cancers worldwide? And some of them are devastating, as the American Cancer Society points out. “New cancer diagnoses in the United States are expected to exceed 2 million for the first time in 2024, largely due to an alarming increase in cancers among young Americans, according to new data from the American Cancer Society.”

“Yes, there is a link between mRNA vaccines and turbo-cancers”

Jean-Marc Sabatier, PhD in Cell Biology and Microbiology, HDR in Biochemistry, CNRS Research Director, explains: “Yes, there is a link between turbo cancers and anti-Covid-19 vaccines (particularly mRNA vaccines): overactivation of the AT1R receptor on the RAS (renin-angiotensin system). The RAS is involved in cell differentiation and multiplication, in other words, it controls cell multiplication. Cancer corresponds to the anarchic proliferation of cells”.
He adds: “The vaccine spike protein, by binding to the ECA2 receptor, hinders the degradation of angiotensin 2 which, in excess, over-activates its cellular target, the AT1R receptor. The AT1R receptor is pro-tumor, pro-angiogenic (it promotes tumor vascularization), pro-inflammatory and pro-oxidant (it releases reactive oxygen particles, free radicals or free radical precursors, generating oxidative stress that is deleterious to cells).
Anti-angiogenic substances are anti-tumoral, preventing the development of tumors. It has been widely described that AT1R receptor antagonists (blockers) have anti-tumor activity against cancers of the breast, prostate, lung, etc. Finally, there is indeed a link between anti-Covid-19 vaccines and the explosion in cases of turbo cancers. ”
As early as March 2020, Jean-Marc Sabatier described the pro-cancer activity of RAS dysregulation via activation of the AT1R receptor, mediated by the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, even though, at this early stage of the pandemic, no cases of cancer were reported.

Anti-Covid vaccines : Jean-Marc Sabatier was right !