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Influenza and gastro to start the year 2020

The holidays are over, the Christmas holidays are coming to an end, but the flu and gastro are settling in the Great East, in particular.

The Great Eastern region affected by gastroenteritis (Riverkeeper Network Map)
The Great Eastern region affected by gastroenteritis (Riverkeeper Network Map)

Last week, the incidence rate of acute diarrhea cases seen in general medical consultations in the Greater East region was estimated at 656 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.
As for cases of flu syndromes seen in general medical consultations, it is estimated at 12 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. These figures from the Sentinelle network for the Great East region are only indicative. The Sentinelles network is a health monitoring network of 1,300 doctors and researchers in the region]. Indeed, many people affected by the flu or gastro epidemic do not consult and their case is therefore not included in the statistics.
Apart from the Great East, the regions most affected by gastroenteritis are Occitania and New Aquitaine. And six regions of France out of thirteen are in a pre-epidemic situation for influenza.

Some advice

We can never say it enough: one of the basic precautions to take to avoid, as much as possible, the gastro, but also the flu and especially to avoid spreading it to your loved ones, is to wash your hands well several times a day. And to dry them with clean, dry towels.
Another piece of advice when suffering from gastroenteritis is to avoid raw vegetables, eggs, alcohol and raw foods that make the intestines work hard. Prefer rice and pasta. A pinch of garlic will also disinfect the intestines.
Finally, know that it is necessary to drink, water obviously, to dehydrate. Water, tea, coffee. And even soup.
Come on, Happy New Year anyway!

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