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General mobilization of health professionals in Grand Est

Faced with the acceleration of the epidemic, the ARS Grand Est encourages all health professionals to come and support the health institutions.

The health institutions in our region are facing a high tension due to the active resumption of the circulation of the virus throughout the territory: in week 13-2021 (March 29 to April 4), the number of new cases continues to increase (17,549 new cases compared to 16,621 in week 12-2021), the number of new hospitalizations and new admissions to intensive care and resuscitation units for Covid-19 remains at a sustained level.

500 students as backup

Continued mobilization of professionals is therefore crucial to not only manage Covid-19 patients, but also all other patients and thus allow for a rotation of hospital teams. In this context, more than 500 health students are currently mobilized as reinforcements in the health care structures of the Grand Est region (doctors, pharmacists, nurses, specialized nurses, nurses’ aides) and 45 professionals (doctors, nurses, nurses’ aides, physiotherapists) have come as reinforcements since this week via the health reserve.

In addition, the ARS Grand Est had already in the summer of 2020 :

  • launched a call for volunteers via the site renfort RH to identify professionals who can intervene punctually as reinforcements and according to their availability in the care structures;
  • organized the training of health professionals and students on actions necessary for crisis management (resuscitation, vaccination, testing …)

Today, the ARS Grand Est is once again calling on retired health professionals, students, freelancers or those already registered in the health reserve to come and reinforce the hospitals of the Grand Est.

Who is concerned?

  • Health students: they can all be mobilized, taking into account the situation of students in their last year of training, as well as examination periods. They receive an exceptional training allowance during this period, for example a 100% increase for medical, maieutic, odontological and pharmaceutical students.
  • Health reserve professionals: their remuneration is increased, for example from 125 € to 200 € per day for a nurse in activity.
  • Retired hospital and private health professionals: they are not subject to the ceiling on the combination of their retirement and their income from work if they carry out this activity, medical or paramedical, in a Covid-19 service.
  • Liberal doctors: in case of loss of activity, their fixed costs are compensated, which allows them to reinforce Covid-19 services and then resume their activity.
    The most sought-after professions are doctors, nurses, nurses specialized in critical care and physiotherapists.

The Renfort RH platform enables the connection of available and volunteer health professionals for a mission and health establishments that need reinforcements. All volunteers are invited to register since this summer on the platform:

The ARS Grand Est pays tribute to all the healthcare teams and students for their unfailing commitment over the past year in our region.

France,Great East,