Covid-19: A third and …. perhaps a fourth dose

Despite mass vaccination the fifth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic continues to rise with 61,340 new cases in 24 hours. Prof. Jean-François Delfraissy mentions a possible 4ᵉ dose of vaccination.

With 61,340 new cases confirmed this December 8, 2021 (+23%) and 13,044 hospitalized patients (+330 in 24 hours), the Covid-19 epidemic continues inexorably to progress (168 deaths in 24 hours) despite the vaccination of nearly 90% of the adult population in France.
As the holiday season approaches, health authorities have decided to close nightclubs, accelerate the 3ᵉ dose booster, and open vaccination to children aged 5 to 11 years with comorbid conditions in an attempt to contain the epidemic.

Vaccination obligation and health pass

The sanitary situation of today obliges to notice that the strategy decided until now by the government has not been particularly effective. In particular, the vaccination obligation and the health pass have not contained neither the third, nor the fourth nor the fifth wave.
It is in this context of suspicion of the effectiveness of vaccines (designed to fight the Alpha strain, that of Wuhan, which has completely disappeared) that the President of the Scientific Council, Jean-François Delfraissy dropped a small bomb this Wednesday, December 8, 2021, before the Social Affairs Committee of the Senate. Or rather two small bombs.

  • “Does the health pass really protect? The answer is no. It has its limits. You can be vaccinated and still carry the virus. But now is not the time to change the rules. We’ll see after [the fifth wave].
  • About the vaccines: “For now, it’s a booster, that is, two doses and the booster [third dose]. But maybe we’ll need a fourth dose. I don’t know. We need to say what we know.Is the Scientific Council turning its back on the evidence: the health pass does not protect in any way. It is more political than sanitary. And experimental vaccines present today more risks than benefits for the population. They could even be dangerous for children aged 5 to 11.