Senate : Complaint of misappropriation of public funds

The anti-corruption association AC!! has filed a complaint against X for “misappropriation of public funds, illegal taking of interest and breach of trust” concerning the salary increases of the medical secretary involved in the famous Senate sex tape.

There’s a lot going on in the Senate. A recent article in Le Canard enchaîné tells us that the 348 grandpas (and grannies) of the upper house, far from being the cacochymes old men we often imagine, are, for some of them at least, still quite green. In its latest issue, the satirical Wednesday paper mentions the existence of a “sextape” (naughty video) involving a senator and the Senate doctor’s assistant. This is not a brand-new affair, dating back two years, but it has unexpected extensions today. The video, in the possession of the medical secretary, is allegedly being used as “leverage” within the institution.

A letter to all senators

In December 2023, the finance quaestors of the Palais du Luxembourg initiated dismissal proceedings against Dr. Lmahdi El Hassan. They accused him of having provided “paid outside services for the SNCF” and of holding shares in a non-trading real estate company. He is also accused of having signed a work stoppage for Senator Joël Guerrieau, accused of drugging a member of parliament without her knowledge in order to abuse her, which would have prevented the Senate from forcing him to resign.
In fact, if we are to believe the doctor, he is accused of having reported to the Senate’s Human Resources Department the inappropriate behavior of his assistant, who claims to be “untouchable” because she is protected by her lover, a particularly influential senator.
Once dismissed, Dr. Lmahdi El Hassan explained his position in a letter addressed not only to all senators, but also to the entire staff of this honorable house. But also to the press. And what he reveals is rather surprising.

A 45% pay rise in three years

What does he reveal? “That one of his assistants was hired “with a truncated identity, on the basis of false diplomas and with a false professional background. (…) It seems to me that she should have been reported to the public prosecutor…”.
The doctor adds that she “managed to increase her salary by 45% in less than three years, using her connections with the aforementioned Senate authority.”
And that’s not all. Dr. Lmahdi El Hassan adds in his letter that “she took the liberty of going into my office without my authorization, and therefore had access to medical files”.
Finally, the delicate secretary boasted that she “could get anyone fired”.

Undue advantages

These are the grounds for the complaint against X filed by Me Vincent Poudampa on behalf of the AC!! anti-corruption association with the Paris public prosecutor.
A serious doubt exists as to the salary increases of the Senate doctor’s assistant (45% over 3 years), taking into account possible political interventions within the Senate, and protections,” writes the lawyer. Serious concordant evidence tends to suggest that an assistant to the Senate doctor was granted undue advantages in view of protections within this assembly.” Hence the complaint for misappropriation of public funds, illegal taking of interest and breach of trust.