Macron, Attal : Irresponsible!

The French president’s appalling comments on the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine have sparked a wave of indignation. The Prime Minister’s attacks on Marine Le Pen in the French Assembly are downright odious.

On Monday February 26, 2024, at the close of an international conference in support of Ukraine held at the Élysée Palace, the French president saw fit to declare that sending troops to Ukraine could “not be ruled out”. He added: “Many people who say ‘Never, never’ today were the same ones who said ‘Never tanks, never planes, never long-range missiles’ two years ago”. It should be noted that these remarks were made a few days after the bilateral financial and military aid treaty signed between Paris and Kiev.

World War III

The possibility of sending troops to fight Russia was immediately denied by the main European heads of state and government. Starting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who stated curtly: “No soldiers will be sent to Ukrainian soil by European or NATO states. Confirmed by Joe Biden: “The United States will not send soldiers to fight in Ukraine”.
In short, Macron was unanimously opposed. In Europe and around the world, but also at home. Opponents, from the far right to the far left, have taken to their heels to denounce the “madness” of the President of the Republic.
Social networks are abuzz with the subject, and some are already worried that Emmanuel Macron is starting World War III.
François Asselineau, leader of the UPS and former presidential candidate, castigates “The madman at the Élysée whose armies only have a week’s worth of ammunition, whose people totally refuse to go and get killed for Blackrock in Ukraine, who had to lamely pack up in front of Niger’s army, claims to be beating Russia, the world’s leading nuclear power”.
Indeed, the Élysée’s va-t-en-guerre did not make Moscow tremble. Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov spoke of the risk of direct conflict between NATO and Russia: “This is not in the interests of these countries,” referring to the “inevitability” of a possible nuclear response.

Attal, immature Prime Minister

At the French National Assembly on Tuesday, Marine Le Pen denounced the French President’s decision to send French troops to Ukraine, “which,” she said, “poses an existential risk to 70 million French people”.
Gabriel Attal’s response was particularly obnoxious, on the level of a ninth-grader in his school playground: “Madame Le Pen, you defended a military alliance with Russia (…), it was in your program for the presidential election. If you had been elected in 2022, we wouldn’t be supplying arms to the Ukrainians to defend themselves, we’d be supplying arms to Russia to crush the Ukrainians”. He adds, full of contempt: “One has to wonder whether Vladimir Putin’s troops aren’t already in our country,” he says, “I’m talking about you and your troops, Madame Le Pen.”
The President of the Republic and his Prime Minister are not living up to their responsibilities in these complicated times. They are totally irresponsible. They must draw the consequences, which means resigning.


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