Ukraine : Will France go to war?

After Emmanuel Macron’s comments about sending “the guys to Odessa”, Russia retorts that French soldiers will be “priority targets” for Moscow.

At a conference of countries supporting Ukraine in Paris in late February 2024, President Macron hinted at the possibility of such a deployment to support the country in its conflict with Russia, now entering its third year. A few days later, in a private discussion revealed by Le Monde, Emmanuel Macron reportedly confirmed sending “the guys to Odessa”. A threat taken very seriously by Moscow. Sergei Narychkin, head of Russian foreign intelligence, even claims that some 2,000 French soldiers will soon be marching on Ukrainian soil.

200 billion in Russian assets

Another cause for concern is the use of Russian assets – 200 billion euros – in Western banks to buy weapons for the Ukraine. Here again, Moscow is taking the matter very seriously, threatening to sue the EU for decades if these assets are used, calling it theft. The EU proposal is to allocate 90% of the seized revenues to the European Peace Facility and 10% to the EU budget to strengthen the Ukrainian defense industry. Some countries fear the financial and legal consequences of such a seizure, while Russia protests against similar measures taken by Switzerland.

Reactions in France

The President of the Republic’s warlike comments are also causing concern in France. “There’s something I don’t accept in Emmanuel Macron’s behavior: he’s playing politics with war,” said Marine Le Pen. [He] is not aware of the reality of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict… War is something terrible, something serious. The Ukrainian people are living it in their flesh”.
“Macron, ready to do anything to mask his failure in France, ready to declare war on Russia”, commented PCF national secretary Fabien Roussel on X (ex-Twitter), seeing in his statements “irresponsibility and (a) cynicism pushed to the extreme”.
“Supporting Ukraine, yes. To fan the embers of a potential global conflict for electoral purposes, no”, declared Eric Ciotti, head of the LR party.

Thanks to America

Meanwhile, France is preparing for war. The armed forces of several NATO member countries have begun a large-scale military exercise in northern Europe. Nearly 14 countries are taking part in these XXL maneuvers.
As for the United States, which is heavily involved in the origins of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, has 12 secret bases in the Ukraine, and is profiting handsomely from the sanctions imposed on Russia, it is tiptoeing out of the war, refusing to send its boys to Odessa to be beaten up, and leaving Europe and France to pursue the war. A war from which they will be the sole beneficiaries, since the reconstruction of the Ukraine has already been reserved for American companies.
The dead for Europe. Dollars for Uncle Sam.