Solidarity with Gaza extends to French universities

French universities are increasingly mobilizing in support of the Palestinian cause and against Israel’s actions in Gaza. The movement that began at Sciences Po Paris has spread to several cities.

The mobilization at Sciences Po Paris was the first in France, following the example of several American campuses. Students took strong symbolic measures, such as hunger strikes and blockades. This determination led to the closure of the school’s premises.

ESJ Lille occupied

The Sorbonne and other universities also saw demonstrations and rallies, demonstrating growing solidarity among French students. Similar actions were reported in several other French cities, including Lyon, Saint-Étienne and Lille, with campus blockades and amphitheater occupations. The Lille School of Journalism, ESJ, was occupied this morning, and the forces of law and order intervened to dislodge the students manu militari. The same thing happened at Tolbiac University, where the CRS intervened, as well as at the Sorbonne, Clignancourt and Paris-Saclay…

This transatlantic solidarity underlines the international importance of the issue and reinforces worldwide support for Gaza.

Growing solidarity with the Palestinian cause

Despite criticism and denunciations from certain authorities, including Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, students remain determined to make their voices heard. Demands range from condemnation of Israeli actions in Gaza to the cessation of university partnerships with Israel, reflecting a willingness to take concrete action in support of the Palestinian cause.

The movement has also sparked internal debate, notably at Sciences Po Paris, where a stormy debate took place in the presence of the school’s provisional administrator. Despite the tensions, the call for calm was heard, especially in view of the upcoming exams.

Despite the challenges and differences of opinion, the student mobilization in France shows growing solidarity with Gaza and a determination to act to promote peace and human rights in the region.

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