European elections : far right in the lead!

According to a Euronews poll, the Conservatives are the favorites in the European elections on June 9. A swing to the right of the hemicycle seems inevitable, with far-right parties making notable gains in several countries.

The hemicycle to the right

Euronews poll results indicate that the European Parliament is set to swing to the right. The European People’s Party (EPP) is set to retain its relative majority, while parties to the right of the right are expected to make strong gains. The far right is poised to come out on top in France, Italy, the Netherlands and Romania.

A conservative wave in Europe

The EPP’s allied forces lead the polls in Germany, Poland and Spain. In Germany, Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the SPD are outpaced by Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in third place. Similarly, Renew Europe’s Liberal Democrats look set to suffer a heavy defeat across the continent.

Liberal defeat foretold

Emmanuel Macron’s France, once a stronghold of the Liberal Democrats, could see their biggest setback yet. The president of Renew Europe, Valérie Hayer, has expelled the Dutch Liberals from the VVD after their governmental agreement with the extreme right.

Towards a union of the Nationalists?

The meeting of nationalist parties organized by Vox in Madrid suggests that the two far-right groups may come together in Parliament after the election. This dynamic could reshape the European political landscape, strengthening the position of conservative and nationalist forces.