Advance voting via “a voting machine”.

To everyone’s surprise, the government introduced, on Tuesday, February 16, 2021, an amendment to the bill on the 2022 presidential election allowing for voting one week before the election. Tolled in the political class.

One more bullshit! On Tuesday, February 16, the senators were surprised to discover an amendment, added at the last moment in a text on the technical organization of the next presidential election. What does this amendment say? That voters who wish to do so will be able to vote in another commune than the one where they are registered, one week before the election, via a “voting machine”. A bit like in the United States where this “technique” is suspected of promoting fraud. The text was rejected by the Senate Law Committee and is to be examined this Thursday, February 18 in public session.
No one knew about it,” wondered Moselle Senator Jean-Louis Masson. It’s a crazy proposal. Allowing the vote several days before the ballot is nonsense. It is the negation of our electoral system. The electoral campaign would no longer make sense. I can’t see how this gas factory is going to work. »

Securing elections

Same opinion on all Senate banns. For Bruno Retailleau (LR) “there is no question of the senate lending a hand to this kind of political manoeuvre. “Philippe Bas, the former president of the LR Law Commission, is no more tender: “Before thinking of postponing elections, we must think about how to make them more secure.
The same goes for the left. “Advance voting may be a solution. But not like that,” says Patrick Kanner, head of the Socialist Group in the Senate. Not by avoiding the impact study, not with a poorly crafted amendment that mentions voting machines that are subject to a moratorium today. …] And the mayors were not involved at all. It is an amendment deus ex machina that obviously comes from the Elysée”.
In short, one more nonsense from this amateur government.