Epsilon, the variant that resists mRNA vaccines

While the epidemic of coronavirus continues with the appearance of new variants, the French government wants to impose by law the extension of the sanitary pass to make the vaccination compulsory. Many French people are opposed to this liberticide law and call for demonstrations.

It was first called the California variant, because it was first identified in California. Dubbed B.1.427/B.1.429 or CAL.20C by scientists, the Epsilon variant, named after the 5ᵉ letter of the Greek alphabet, is starting to cause concern. It is considered by the WHO to require enhanced surveillance. Because it is 20% more contagious than the strain virus and is already present in 34 countries, if we believe a study in the journal Science. The study carried out on the three mutations of this variant, shows that the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines is 2 to 3.5 times less important against the Epsilon variant.

Firmness of the government…

This situation is all the more worrying as the French authorities, in particular, make vaccination compulsory for certain categories of the population, including health care workers. What will their vaccine be worth if the Epsilon variant becomes the majority? Will they have to be injected with a third and then a fourth dose to escape the disease? Will they have to be vaccinated with a new vaccine that has yet to be developed? And what about children aged 12 and over if vaccination becomes mandatory in French schools?
It is still unclear. This does not prevent Jean Castex, the Prime Minister, from affirming his determination to make vaccination compulsory and to impose a health pass for access to places of everyday life: cafés, restaurants, cinemas, etc., relying on truncated and inaccurate figures in passing.

… And demonstrations all over the country

While the Assembly was examining the bill on the extension of the health pass, this Wednesday afternoon, several anti-pass and anti-vax demonstrations took place in several cities. In Paris, near the National Assembly. In Chambéry, in Savoie, a few dozen demonstrators entered the town hall and took down, symbolically, the portrait of Emmanuel Macron. In Toulouse, demonstrators marched through the streets of the Pink City despite the prefectural ban. Same thing in several cities where the protest is growing.
Other demonstrations are planned for Saturday in almost every city in France. Several sites list them on Twitter and Facebook.