Health pass: the protest extends to several professions

One of the main unions of French professional firefighters, has filed a notice of unlimited national strike from Monday, August 9, to protest against the obligation of vaccination of firefighters. The 74 opposition deputies are asking the Sages to censor the law.

Without waiting for the decision of the Constitutional Council, which is due to rule this Thursday, August 5, on the validity of the health law that includes the extension of the health pass and mandatory vaccination for certain professions, several unions are calling for a strike. This is the case of the Autonomous Federation of Professional Firefighters and Administrative, Technical and Specialized Personnel (FA/SPP-PATS), the main union of professional firefighters, which has filed a notice of unlimited strike as of August 9.

Same benefits as caregivers

In a letter addressed to the Minister of the Interior, the president of the FA/SPP-PATS, Xavier Boy, writes: “The bill on the management of the health crisis, which provides in particular and under penalty of sanctions, the obligation of vaccination for firefighters, violates the Constitution. The firefighters demand “the free choice of vaccination, without constraint, without threat, without layoff or suspension of salary”. The president added: “If the liberticidal bill, which only confirms the contempt and lack of consideration of the authorities towards our profession, were to be imposed on us, then this time, it will not be enough to apply coercive measures. Because, contrary to your starting point, we have never asked to be assimilated to health care personnel. On the other hand, this decision to impose the vaccination obligation on us, as on health care workers, would legitimize our position and reinforce our historical claims. Indeed, if you maintain the vaccination obligation for firefighters, then we demand to benefit from the same statutory and social advances as health care workers”.

MPs’ sling

The rejection of the health pass and the vaccination obligation also affects the health care personnel. The CGT and Sud Santé unions have given notice of an unlimited strike in the Assistance publique – Hôpitaux de Marseille (APHM) hospitals from August 4, and Edouard Toulouse from August 9. In total, more than 14,000 employees are concerned in the two buildings. The strike movement is being discussed in other establishments in France.
The discontent even extends to the deputies. 74 of them from different opposition groups have issued a statement after filing an appeal with the Constitutional Council against the law passed on July 25. They see in it “an attack on the principle of equality before the law, on the freedom to come and go, on the right to lead a normal family and social life, on the freedom of enterprise…” and ask the Wise Men to censure the text.