The last wishes of President Macron

What should we retain from Emmanuel Macron’s wishes? Not much more than a never-ending satisfaction and nothing in the speech that has not already been said. End of reign ?

The President of the Republic appeared on television this December 31, 2021 at 8:00 pm, his face pale, that of bad days, to address his wishes to the French. Recorded wishes that smelled warm, the lack of conviction, a little as if he himself did not believe anymore.

“Difficult weeks”

Emmanuel Macron could not avoid talking about the pandemic and the restrictions it imposes on everyone. He certainly paid tribute to the caregivers, greeted the sick etc.. But he knows that the hardest part is yet to come. He himself announced “difficult weeks” and, once again, he urged the non-vaccinated to get vaccinated. Because, he said, “we have the vaccine weapon with us”.
He then spoke about the economy, unemployment, apprenticeship, work, unemployment insurance, energy cheques, agriculture, retirement, etc.

20 years of the euro

“2022 must be the year of a European turning point. As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the introduction of the euro, the crisis has shown that Europe is a beacon of hope. From midnight France will take over the presidency of the European Union. The president therefore wants to make it a time of progress for the control of borders, Defense, climate transition, equality between women and men … “I will act until the last day of the mandate for which you elected me.”

2022, an election year

“2022 will be an election year in France… We will have to elect next spring the President of the Republic and then designate our representatives in the National Assembly… We will have major choices to make for our nation.”
Will he run again? “For my part, whatever my place and circumstances, I will continue to serve you. And no one will be able to uproot my heart from France, our homeland.
This is as beautiful as the Antique, but it tells us nothing about Emmanuel Macron’s real intentions 100 days before the first round of the presidential election. Was it his last vows, not only of the five-year term, but also of President of the Republic? We will know soon enough.