The demonstrations of January 29, 2022

The anger against compulsory vaccination and sanitary constraints does not weaken as shown by the numerous demonstrations organized everywhere in France this Saturday.

With 75 days to go before the first round of the presidential election, the social climate in France is deteriorating dangerously. In addition to the historic rise in energy prices (fuel, gas, electricity), to the worrying increase in the price of basic necessities, there is the stupid, restrictive and largely misleading health policy of the authorities, which weighs heavily on society, both vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

From Canada to Brussels

The refusal of the vaccination obligation turns into a revolt in many countries. This is the case, for example, in Canada where a huge convoy of truckers opposed to the health measures is on its way to Ottawa. An identical rally is being prepared in Europe. Hundreds of trucks are preparing to converge on Brussels for a huge anti-pass and anti-vax demonstration on 7 February 2022.
This is also the case in Germany, where the issue of mandatory vaccination is not really accepted. So much so that numerous demonstrations are organized in the country’s major cities.
In France, health constraints are all the more difficult to accept since, despite a vaccination rate of around 80% of the population, the virus is constantly on the rise, especially among those who have been vaccinated! With this in mind, several countries, including Denmark and the United Kingdom, have decided to abolish health constraints that have become totally useless.

Too many lies

In France, the vaccine pass that succeeded the health pass is still not passed. What does not pass, in reality, are the lies repeated by our politicians and our self-proclaimed ”experts” (see the Tweet below). It is necessary to put a mask outside, but it is necessary to open the windows to air its apartment. Go understand the logic!
These lies feed day after day resentments and rancour towards politicians, but also towards science and medicine. To the point of nausea. We remember the slogan “All vaccinated, all protected”! We know what it is worth today.
That’s why the anger does not weaken. That of the Yellow Vests, obviously, whose situation has hardly improved since 2018, and that of all French people who do not accept being taken for fools, filed and obeying QR codes. Even at Air France, a strike movement is launched against the vaccine pass.
That’s why, this Saturday, January 29, 2022, the opponents of forced vaccination, the vaccination pass and other mandatory stupidities will be in the street, in Paris and in the provinces (see list below). In Nancy, the RV is fixed at 2 pm, place Maginot).
They will say no to this absurd health policy, they will say f… to Macron !