Vaccination obligation : a time bomb!

Revolt in Canada, lifting of sanctions in Denmark and the United Kingdom, explosion of side effects in the American army, suspicions of corruption of pro-vax “experts”… The truth about vaccines is fast approaching.

While the scientific community doubts more and more the efficiency of the anti-Covid vaccines and worries about the serious side effects in the short term, the public opinion starts to react to the vaccination obligation and to the sanitary restrictions imposed in many countries in spite of all medical and scientific logic.

End of health restrictions… except in France

This is the case in Canada where the “freedom convoy”, initiated by truckers, forced Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to leave Ottawa for an undisclosed location. Elsewhere, the authorities prefer to gradually lift health constraints, as was done in the United Kingdom, where there is no longer any question of compulsory vaccination, health pass or wearing a mask. The same is true in Croatia, Denmark, Spain…
Because everyone can see it: mass vaccination does not manage to stop the coronavirus epidemic. On the contrary. It is in the most vaccinated countries that the epidemic flares up the most, as in Israel or in France.
In contrast to the measures taken in several countries, the French authorities have decided, curiously, to tighten the sanitary constraints. Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, recently announced that the validity of the vaccination pass after a Covid-19 infection will soon be only four months. It is currently six months.
This information has made many scientists like Pascal Mensah jump, writing on LinkedIn: “NO, NO and NO! Too much is too much! Stop Mr. Véran, this is not fair! Your call for mobilization does not hold water scientifically!

– With the 3rd dose, optimal level of protection against the risk of developing symptoms COVID-19 ” : FALSE

– if you are a contact case you can be vaccinated”: NO, especially not!

– recall 4 months after the last injection? Where did you see that?

– certificate of recovery valid for 4 months !!! This is INSANE! And it goes against the current knowledge.

Natural immunity is valid for at least 8-12 months.
… there are more than 50 articles on the subject!

My findings, read them. I’m available to talk about them in person.”

Whistleblowers in the US military

He is not alone in his concerns. Mass vaccination, in the midst of a pandemic, is a scientific heresy. We have given the floor, right here, to several scientists who have been asserting this for several months. Today, we are seeing the appearance of these side effects, sometimes without gravity, but sometimes with serious consequences on health. These effects affect people of all ages, men and women, athletes and non-athletes.
In the United States, three whistleblowers from the US military have thrown a spanner in the works by providing figures (see below) on the “staggering increase in reports of vaccine-related illnesses”. According to one database, the numbers show, over five years, about 1.7 million disease reports per year. In 2021 alone, that number jumps to 22 million!
The pharmacovigilance figures of the ANSM (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines) show 132,982 cases of side effects since the beginning of the vaccination, 24% of which are serious.
But we know nothing, obviously, about the consequences of vaccines in the months and years to come, especially in children aged 5 and over who have been vaccinated. Some doctors and scientists see this as a time bomb, and no one can predict the extent of the damage.

Well-kept secrets

The incomprehensible hype of the health and political authorities, for the last two years, in favor of the vaccination obligation has something suspicious. Decided by the Health Defense Council chaired by Emmanuel Macron, these meetings, held in restricted committee, are classified as secret.
The Defense Council bases its decisions on the recommendations of a Covid-19 Scientific Council composed of 13 experts created in March 2020 at the request of the Ministry of Health.
But conflicts of interest (a fashionable expression, not to say corruption) between some members of the Scientific Council and the major pharmaceutical laboratories have been denounced. This was the case of Professor Raoult, who was heard on June 24, 2020 at the National Assembly.
This famous professor from Marseilles advised the members of the commission to check the Transparence-Santé website which lists the links of interest between companies and health actors.
And it is not on the European side that one can look for reliable and transparent information, given the secrets shared between the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and the boss of Pfizer. But an investigation is underway and the truth will undoubtedly come out in the end.
You can lie to one person all the time. You can lie to everyone for a while. But you can’t lie to everyone all the time. Especially in politics.