Poor housing: the Fondation de l’Abbé Pierre blasts Macron

The 27ᵉ report of the Fondation Abbé Pierre draws up a critical assessment of the Macron quinquennium, far from the promises of a housing “supply shock” while the country has four million poorly housed and 300,000 homeless people.

The report on “the state of inadequate housing in France in 2022” by the Fondation Abbé Pierre, published less than 70 days before the first round of the presidential election, is not kind to the current President of the Elysée. This report paints a picture marked by the precariousness of entire segments of the population, with visible consequences on poor housing.

Savings on APL

“Young people hindered in their access to autonomy, working-class neighborhoods bogged down, households affected by rising rents and energy prices, social support services clogged up… the housing crisis continues to fracture our society in depth,” write the authors.
They add: “In a context of deeply unequal budgetary and fiscal choices ratified in 2017, housing policies have struggled to reverse the trend. The Yellow Vests and Covid crises have been an opportunity to support modest households, to open more emergency housing places and to support energy renovation aid, but the poorest remain the forgotten ones of this five-year term.”

General mobilization

Recalling that 4 billion in budget cuts will be made in 2022 to the APL (housing subsidies), the Fondation Abbé Pierre calls for “general mobilization to address housing policy. This mobilization requires new policies on the part of the State, but also an unfailing involvement of local authorities. The Foundation calls on the candidates in the presidential and legislative elections to take up these issues so as not to resign themselves to seeing the housing crisis and the fractures it is creating in our society worsen.”

Download the 27ᵉ report from the Abbé Pierre Foundation.