Presidential election: Macron drops the mask

Between two phone calls to Putin and the announcements of Jean Castex on the suspension of the vaccine pass, Emmanuel Macron finally makes his candidacy for his own succession official in the regional gazettes.

Emmanuel Macron will announce his candidacy for the presidential election this Thursday, March 3, 2022. He will do so by publishing a “Letter to the French” in regional newspapers. End of the false suspense.
With 38 days to go before the first round of the election, on April 10, the president-candidate will give some oxygen to the campaign, which has been impacted for months by the health crisis and, since February 7, by the war in Ukraine, which, according to President Macron, “has disrupted our democratic life.

Putin’s helping hand

The election campaign will be short but intense. For the president-candidate remains very active on the diplomatic front. He is one of the few Western interlocutors of Putin, increasingly isolated on the international scene. The French president has acquired in a few days a notoriety at the same time national and international which, in fact, assures him a first place uncontested in the polls.
With more than 1700 sponsorships, Emmanuel Macron is credited with 28% of voting intentions according to an IFOP poll. He largely distances all those who have obtained the 500 signatures: Marine Le Pen at 17%, Valérie Pécresse at 13.5%, Eric Zemmour at 11%, Jean-Luc Mélenchon at 11%, Yannick Jadot at 4.5%, Fabien Roussel at 4.5%, Anne Hidalgo at 2.5% and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan at 2%. Jean Lassalle 1.5%, and Nathalie Arthaud (1%).
Christiane Taubira threw in the towel for lack of sponsorship. All the others (about thirty in total) can not compete.

Still according to the latest polls, in the second round, on April 24, Emmanuel Macron would win the election by a wide margin with 57.5% of the vote against Marine Le Pen (42.5%). And would beat Eric Zemmour 65.5% against 34.5%.
Note that the three pro-Putin candidates: Le Pen, Zemmour and Mélenchon, are losing ground in the polls. The war in Ukraine is also causing collateral damage in the French campaign.