Macron-Le Pen will play revenge on 2017

Emmanuel Macron (28.5%) and Marine Le Pen (24.2%) will meet in the second round on April 24, 2022. Jean-Luc Mélenchon (20.20%) finishes in third place, Zemmour caps at 7.1%, Pécresse at 5.1%, Hidalgo at 1.9%.

Bis repetita. At the end of a sluggish campaign, crushed by the war in Ukraine, disrupted by the endless health crisis, marked at the end of the course by the McKinsey affair, the French have pronounced themselves, this Sunday, April 10, 2022, in the ballot box (abstention is 26.2%). The first results (which remain to be refined) give the president-candidate in the lead with 28.5% of the votes (against 24.01% in 2017). He is followed by Marine Le Pen with 24.2% (against 21.30% in 2017). They will therefore meet for the second round, on April 24, 2022, for a revenge on 2017, which had seen Emmanuel Macron win with 66.10% of the vote against 33.90%.

Mélenchon and then nothing

Jean-Luc Mélenchon is indeed the third man with 20.2% of the vote (He had obtained 19.58% in 2017). Despite a spectacular rise at the end of the campaign, the leader of the Insoumis did not manage to impose himself for the second round. After three unsuccessful attempts, he will now have to hand over to the new generation.
As for the nine other candidates, they are all below 10%. Eric Zemmour (7.1%) did not succeed in making a difference either. Valérie Pécresse (5,1%) allows her party to be just reimbursed for campaign expenses. This dismal score probably sounds the end of the party Les Républicains in its current configuration.
Yannick Jadot for the ecologists collects 4.4% of the votes. Jean Lassalle at 3.3%, Fabien Roussel for the communists finishes at 2.7%. Dupont-Aignan at 2.3%, Anne Hidalgo, for the Socialist Party, is at 1.9%. Never seen before. Dupont-Aignan at 1.80%, Nathalie Arthaud and Philippe Poutou at less than 1%.
These figures given at 20 hours are likely to change slightly.

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