Presidential election : Back to the polls, citizens!

We vote again this Sunday, April 24, to decide between the two finalists of the first round: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. Which one will be the next president of the Republic ?

Four days after the televised debate between the two finalists of the first round of the 2022 presidential election, which gave, whatever one says, an advantage to the president-candidate, 48 million French people are called to the polls this Sunday, April 24, 2022.

The party of abstentionists

On the evening of April 10, Emmanuel Macron collected 9,783,058 votes, or 27.8% of the vote. Marine Le Pen collected 8,133,828 votes, or 23.1% of the vote. But this first round was also marked by an abstention rate of 26.3%.
As for the 10 other candidates, only Jean-Luc Mélenchon made an honorable score with 21.95% of the votes, none of the other candidates having reached the 10% mark. And only one candidate exceeded the 5% mark allowing him to be reimbursed for campaign expenses, that is Eric Zemmour who collected 7.1% of the votes.
The 8 others have to face cash flow problems: Valérie Pécresse is at a ceiling of 4.79%, Yannick Jadot at 4.58%, Jean Lassalle at 3.16%, Fabien Roussel at 2.31%, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan at 2.07%, Anne Hidalgo at 1.74%, Philippe Poutou at 0.77% and Nathalie Arthaud at 0.57%.

An equation with two unknowns

The equation of this second round is therefore simple to put: which of the two finalist candidates will receive the votes of the unhappy candidates, knowing that only the votes of Mélenchon and Zemmour will weigh in the balance? And what will be the attitude of the abstentionists, representing, in the first round, more than a quarter of the votes cast? The algorithms of the pollsters have given a tendency, during these two weeks of campaign. But only the result of the ballot box will count. Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen? Result, this Sunday evening, at 8 pm.

The results of the 1st round