From the land of enlightenment to the empire of darkness

Let’s act urgently in all citizenship so that our poor country recognized yesterday everywhere as the “Country of the Enlightenment” does not become, at the table of the masters of hamburger and sweet tomato sauce, the country of misery, the empire of darkness!

Gilles Laporte (DR)
Gilles Laporte (DR)

By Gilles Laporte


France lost:

-its trains, its hospitals, its school, its craftsmen, its industries, its nuclear power plants, its doctors, its teachers, its army, its producers of industrial and commercial goods, its trades, its language, its history and culture, its justice, its social peace, its sovereignty…

France lacks :

-bread, paracetamol, basic medicines, mustard, electricity, sunflower oil, health care, school teachers, doctors, teachers, emergency services, building materials, security, dignity, work…

France is full of :

-commentators and debaters, pundits, advisors, bankers, advertisers, big-box retailers, self-proclaimed elites, the poor, servile consumers (including of drugs), Anglo-Saxon idiolects, egologists [i] and revisionists…

France no longer has anything vital, it is wallowing in a windmill appearance, but it still wants to play the big man, to make a falsetto voice heard in the world, to win the armed and financial wars!
Armed war: the one currently being waged on Ukrainian territory in the name of the “West” by the United States, for their exclusive benefit: the subjugation of the world. Let’s not forget Wilson’s electoral slogan, destroyer of the European order in 1917 “America first!” taken up and so often repeated by the gurus of the Black House -today’s disarticulated president JB- which reminds us of the dreaded “Deutschland über alles, über alles in der Welt! [1]” of the cursed German chancellors. The United States and Germany: the best anti-European allies and accomplices of our convulsive time (see the decisions of the new chancellor Olaf Scholz and the president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen whose ancestor – according to Wikipedia – James H. Ladson (1795-1868) exploited dozens of slaves in the USA in the 19th century) [2].

The law of the jungle

Financial war: with the objective of destabilizing the “old continent” declared by the preachers of ultraliberalism (another name for the law of the jungle!) in violation of all international treaties involving hypocritical Franco-German cousinship and NATO, against a background of exploitation of the strategic illusions of the Russian leader born of “Western” contempt for his country during the collapse of the Soviet Union. Shared delusion, guaranteed tragedy! France wants to be part of this hoped-for victory of the American “friend” by offering the Ukrainian “friend” of this “friend” from across the Atlantic money from the pockets of the French taxpayer, cannons paid for by the French taxpayer, soon heavy tanks and fighter planes paid for by the French taxpayer (perhaps, at the end of the day, nuclear weapons) paid for by the French taxpayer, who, however, no longer has the means to live due to the lack of trains, medicines, schools, jobs, hospitals, doctors, courts… this vampirised France, painfully anaemic, which wishes to show itself a partner of the imperious Coca-Cola, MacDo, MacKinsey, Walt Disney, ExxonMobil, Boeing, Microsoft… the very ones who are ruining it more and more each day, they its suzerains, it their vassal!


How much longer will the peoples of Europe allow themselves to be fooled and massacred by a handful of poorly elected leaders who have become manipulators to the point of organizing referendums which they know in advance will not validate the result, even though they are massive (Chirac-Sarkozy and the European Constitution project) and signing treaties whose clauses they have decided – at the very moment they signed them – not to respect (Hollande-Merkel and the Minsk agreements)? How much longer?
How long will a single man, even if he is President of the Republic, allow himself to throw France into a total war to please his imperialist ally, in defiance of an opinion hostile to his projects but paralyzed by his talents as a puppeteer? How long will it last?
How long will the “elites” of our Republic in tatters pretend to support one of the most corrupt countries on the planet at the expense of the courageous and honest workers of ours? How much longer?

The ruin and enslavement of Europe

While the citizens of France lack almost everything, they pay a high price to the United States for a gas that is deadly for the Earth, buy coal electricity from Germany at a prohibitive price, and will soon be condemned to offer fighter planes manufactured and sold at a high price by the United States to the Ukraine, which is struggling to clean up its corruption networks, itself a hostage and victim of the all-out war waged by what some dare to call the “West”!
Are we going to pay taxes in France for a long time to finance the American war of conquest and enslavement – after total ruin – of Europe?
Our elites speak incessantly, to the point of tearing their throats out, of “democracy”… as if this supplicatory invocation alone could be enough to prove its survival!
Are we going to accept for a long time to play the role of consenting turkeys of the farce?
A democratic and authentic life cannot be imagined without a real and active parliamentary life.

Complimentary Tenant

While the gratis occupant of the Élysée Palace and his court play with fire… nuclear, in a war that is not ours, where are our parliamentarians? Busy playing who-loses-who-wins under the golden panelling of their palaces?
In this spiral of tragi-comedy against the backdrop of the next mushroom cloud… where are our deputies and senators?
No more Putin and his imperial fantasies than Biden and his vassals Zelenski president of Ukraine, Olaf Scholz chancellor of Germany, Ursula von der Leyen president of the European Commission, but more peace than war… such must be the way and the voice of France!
Let us remember Dominique de Villepin’s intervention at the UN in 2003, at a time when our country still dared to refuse complicity with the US lies about Iraq!

Let’s get our act together!

Let us act urgently in all citizenship so that our poor country, recognized yesterday everywhere as the “Country of the Enlightenment”, does not become, at the table of the masters of hamburger and sweet tomato sauce, the country of misery, the empire of darkness!
Greetings and Fraternity

[1] Germany above all, above all in the world.
[2] Wikipedia Ursula Von der Leyen: The history of Georgetown County, South Carolina, University of South Carolina Press, 1970, p. 297.
[i] You read that correctly. This is not a typo!

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