The United States accuses the Russians of war crimes

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris accused Russia of committing more than 30,000 “crimes against humanity” in Ukraine. But how many U.S. war crimes since 1945?

Propaganda, lies and disinformation do not bother the United States. The vice-president, Kamala Harris, who participates in the Munich Conference on security, accused, yesterday, Russia of having committed 30,600 crimes against humanity in Ukraine. She announced that the perpetrators of these crimes and all their accomplices will one day be held accountable.

Two atomic bombs

Russia, which has been at war with Ukraine for a year, has necessarily committed atrocities both against the Ukrainian military and against the civilian population. And they must be strongly denounced.
But coming from the United States, these accusations are, to say the least, inappropriate, even odious.
A few days ago, China reminded Uncle Sam of the list of “bombings” carried out since 1945, all of which are crimes against humanity. Need we remind you that the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan? Do we need to remind you that between 1961 and 1971, the U.S. army spread more than 100,000 tons of toxic chemicals over Vietnam, including dioxin, which even today pollute the soil and rivers and cause illness and malformations in men, women and children? Do we need to recall the public lie of the American Secretary of State Colin Powell about the weapons of mass destruction held by Saddam Hussein to justify the war in Iraq?
And all the rest. No, the United States is not in the best position to give moral lessons to the rest of the world. We can remind them of this African proverb: “He who climbs the coconut tree must have a clean buttocks”.

American bombings since 1945

US Bombings
US Bombings