Pensions : Historic mobilization throughout France

After the strong mobilization of this Tuesday, the interunion plans to continue the protest movement against the pension reform this Saturday, March 11, 2023. And probably beyond.

For the trade unions that initiated the day of mobilization on Tuesday, March 7, against the pension reform, it was an undeniable success. Many cities were blocked from the morning by truck drivers, strikes paralyzed several sectors of the economy and public transport was heavily disrupted. But, above all, the very large demonstrations in many French cities showed how much the French people reject not only the pension reform project, but also the increasingly unpopular President of the Republic and his government of incompetents.

700,000 in Paris

For this sixth day of demonstration since the beginning of the year, they were 700,000 in Paris, according to the CGT, that is to say much more than at the time of the preceding rallies. The demonstration was punctuated by numerous incidents between blackblocks and police. The situation remained tense in the late afternoon.
They were 245,000 in Marseille according to the unions (30,000 according to the police), 120,000 in Toulouse (21,000 according to the police), 50,000 in Lyon (25,000 according to the prefecture), 100,000 in Bordeaux in the rain, according to the unions, thousands more in Brest, Nantes, Strasbourg, Nancy, Metz, but also in smaller cities, Bethune, Thionville, Toul, etc.

Refineries blocked

“This is a historic demonstration,” said Laurent Berger, leader of the CFDT. “No one can say that we had not warned that the movement would harden if the government remained deaf,” added Philippe Martinez for the CGT, suggesting that the strikes and actions would continue.
In any case until March 22, the deadline by which the text of the reform must be voted. And if it has not, the government will be able to use the 49.3 for the eleventh time since the beginning of the legislature.
In the meantime, disruptions will continue, notably at the RATP and the SNCF. Fuel shipments remain blocked in all refineries in France!