Pensions : The law is enacted!

Validated Friday, April 14, 2023 at 6 p.m. by the Constitutional Council, the law on pension reform was promulgated during the night by the President of the Republic.

It didn’t take long! Only a few hours after the Constitutional Council validated the text on pension reform, and in particular, the progressive postponement of the legal retirement age to 64 years, Emmanuel Macron has promulgated the law. It will come into force on September 1, 2023.

Labor, immigration, nuclear

After three months of strong turbulence, twelve days of mobilizations, often with violence, hard strikes and actions that have disrupted the lives of the French, the fate of the pension reform was sealed in a few hours by the executive.
The law being promulgated, Emmanuel Macron hopes to turn the page of his chaotic beginning of five years and to work on other reforms, including on labor, immigration, nuclear …
But the protest remains strong. It is not only the institutions that are being questioned, but also the men and women of this government that the French can no longer stand. They even express a visceral hatred against Emmanuel Macron.

Numerous reactions

As proof, the many reactions published on social networks. “Even at night, it is night” posts Alexis Corbière (LFI) on Twitter.
“Like thieves” for François Ruffin (LFI) who denounces a “democratic hold-up”.
Edwy Plénel (Médiapart) “Stripped of all democratic safeguards, the Fifth Republic explicitly becomes an authoritarian regime.”
Julien Troccaz (Sud-Rail): “Emmanuel Macron has signed the end of his mandate” by enacting the pension reform.
All the unions are calling for a popular tidal wave on May 1. Even if enacted, the law on pension reform has not finished making waves.