Pensions : mobilisation on 29 January and 3 February 2020

The mobilization continues against the pension reform project as the “financing conference” opens on Thursday 30. Bad luck for the government after the severe opinion of the Council of State.

The weekend promises to be particularly hectic. The CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires FIDL, MNL, UNL and UNEF trade unions (but without the CFE-CGC this time) are announcing a new day of mobilisation on Thursday 29 January 2020, the day before the opening of the “financing conference” aimed at finding 12 billion euros between now and 2027 to finance the so-called “universal” scheme and to avoid the introduction of a pivotal age at 67 years old to assert one’s pension rights without a discount.

This new day of mobilization, just five days after Friday, 24 January, will be the eighth since the conflict began seven weeks ago now. Never before seen.

Accountants, lawyers

Never before has there been such a union against a government project. Never before have accountants (EC) and auditors (CAC) considered not validating the campaign accounts of candidates in municipal elections. Never had we seen the striking dancers and musicians of the Paris Opera give concerts outside to protest against pension reform. Neither had there ever been an intrusion into a theatre to heckle a President of the Republic, nor a blockade of the entrances to the Louvre Museum, nor an intrusion by demonstrators into the headquarters of a trade union, the CFDT.
As for the lawyers (there are 70,000 of them in France) they voted to continue the strike by finding in the opinion issued on Friday 24 January 2020 by the Council of State, reasons to harden their movement. “A certain number of alerts that we had formulated appear in what the Council of State says, explains Christiane Feral-Schuhl, president of the National Council of Bars (CNB). We weren’t wrong, we were right to mobilize. »

SOS Pensions Collective

The National Council of Bars and Law Societies called on all lawyers in France to participate in a national event in Paris on Monday 3 February with the SOS Retraités collective, which brings together a large majority of the liberal professions. Parliamentary work on these texts is due to begin on that day.
The Collectif SOS Retraites, groups together 16 professions in the fields of health, law, air transport and numbers. It “denounces, like so many others, the dogmatism of the government and the simulacrum of consultation. It reaffirms its desire to protect the autonomous schemes managed by the professions that make up the association, which are balanced, are in solidarity with the general scheme and do not cost taxpayers a single euro. »
The Collectif SOS Retraites therefore calls on all professionals concerned by autonomous pension plans to cease all activity on February 3.
This pension reform project, badly prepared and badly put together as we have been saying since the beginning, is unanimously opposed. The executive would be well advised to withdraw it. Otherwise, it will end badly.

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