Unemployed journalists take solidarity action

They no longer have a job, so rather than lamenting, these journalists set up the association SOS TISSU. The idea is to make overcoats for hospital doctors.
Delphine Welter chose to turn her anger into energy. This freelance sister, who specializes in court cases, has been out of work for a few weeks. Times are tough! Most newspapers have drastically reduced their pagination, from Paris Match to the Canard Enchaine, which for the first time since the Great War has been depleted. The satirical weekly only offers the reader 4 pages instead of 8, and without lowering the price, it’s no laughing matter!
So rather than depressing Delphine chose to take action. I have a doctor friend who works at the Avicenne hospital in Bobigny and when she told me that they had nothing to worry about to protect themselves, that doctors were trying to save their fellow doctors who were intubated in their departments, I told myself that we should be able to find solutions if we mobilized people, friends, colleagues, family, etc.,” says Delphine. »

A week later, SOS TISSU is there, with an organisation worthy of a SME.

“We are a team of about 15 people, most of them freelance journalists with no income. At the moment we have about 65 volunteer seamstresses who make between 2 and 5 overblouses a day, as well as a dozen people who make their vehicles available. »

The association SOS TISSU has just received 100 rolls of 20 meters of fabric from Mondial Tissu and has managed to reopen the Paris 13 faculty to store it. It also receives fabric from a company based in Istanbul. Help is coming from everywhere.
“Of course, we’re not just going to equip Avicenne, we’re targeting all the hospitals in 93, maybe beyond, because everyone is lacking everything… ”

If you would like to support this initiative there is a leetchi prize fund

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