Covid: Finally, an effective and safe Australian vaccine

The Australian company Vaxine Pty Ltd has developed a protein-based vaccine for Covid-19 that not only protects but also prevents transmission of the virus to non-immune individuals.

It’s a revolution in the fight against Covid-19. In an article published this morning by EIN Presswire, this Australian vaccine called Covax-19 is said to be the first in the world to be both effective and safe and to block transmission of the virus to others.
Vaxine’s research director, Prof. Nikolai Petrovsky, explains in this article that the latest studies show that the vaccine administered to animals protects them from the disease and that the virus is not transmitted to other, non-immune animals living in the same cage.
Of course, it remains to carry out phase 3 clinical trials on humans. And to produce it on a large scale. This implies raising funds of around $50 million. But it is an immense hope for humanity.

Synthetic protein-based vaccine

“COVAX-19 is a vaccine based on a synthetic protein produced using harmless insect cells, to which Vaxine’s proprietary Advax polysaccharide adjuvant is added as a vaccine turbocharger to maximize vaccine efficacy and durability,” the article notes.
According to EIN Presswire, the Australian company, which has been on the cutting edge, has developed another “multivalent” vaccine that would protect against all variants of Sars-CoV-2, whether South African, Brazilian or Indian.
This is not Vaxine’s first success with vaccines. In 2009, it developed a vaccine against swine flu and began human trials. Ten years later, the Australian company created a flu vaccine with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).
Headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, for 17 years, Vaxine is currently considering whether to move its global headquarters out of Australia for strategic reasons based on its recent successes.