Big breakdown of emergency calls

In several departments of France and overseas it is impossible to call the fire department, the ambulance or the police because of a technical failure at Orange which specifies that it is not a cyber attack. Thursday June 3: network restored but under surveillance.

In a press release, the Ministry of the Interior informs that a “technical incident on the network of the telephone operator Orange affects in a partial but significant way the reception of emergency calls 15/17/18/ 112 on the whole national territory.

The operator is currently mobilized to allow a return to normal as soon as possible.

From the beginning of this incident, all emergency services that were affected have set up alternative ten-digit numbers to continue to process calls, and have communicated this information to the population via social networks and local media.

Under the authority of the Prime Minister, the interministerial crisis unit was activated within the Ministry of the Interior, and everywhere in France where the situation required it, the departmental operational centers, under the authority of the prefects, were opened.

The authorities invite those who have difficulties to reach an emergency service to repeat their call, change phone or use alternative numbers.

In any case, the population is urged to reserve calls only for proven emergencies. ”

Two deaths – a 63-year-old man and a 28-month-old child – are under investigation.