SOS Doctors on strike for 24 hours

Because the home visit has been “forgotten” in all health reforms for the past 15 years, the federation of liberal doctors SOS Médecins is announcing “a stop” to the 24-hour activity.

Will the doctor’s home visit disappear? This is what the 63 associations of SOS Doctors in France fear, as they go on strike for 24 hours from this Monday morning, 27 September 2021.

The demands

The Extraordinary General Assembly of SOS MÉDECINS France, which met on September 3, 2021, demanded that visits be revalued in order to meet the growing needs of the French people and to maintain the existence of this act in France. The doctors ask to :

Increase the value of the urgent visit during the day to 57.60 euros, as it had been put in place at a time of health crisis.

  • To have the acts performed by the SOS MÉDECINS regulation centers recognized as unscheduled care acts.
  • To align the travel allowance to 10 euros regardless of the schedule.
  • To integrate the SOS doctors in all the revalorizations of the profession.

SOS MÉDECINS FRANCE is the first emergency and permanent care network in France. The network provides 70% of the coverage of private practitioners in urban and semi-urban areas and 60% of the procedures are performed at night, on weekends and holidays with more than a thousand doctors grouped in 63 associations in mainland France and in the French Overseas Territories, unified in a national federation around a founding principle that has not changed: Emergency and continuity of care 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.
The SOS MEDECINS FRANCE teams have been travelling to patients 365 days a year and 24 hours a day since 1966. They thus participate in keeping patients at home and in relieving the congestion of emergency rooms.
Every year, SOS MÉDECINS FRANCE carries out 2.5 million home interventions or consultations. This is the effective translation of SOS MÉDECINS FRANCE’s desire to keep patients at home, in addition to its active participation in the shift to ambulatory care and its contribution to epidemiological research.