The hunt for the unvaccinated is on

Will the anti-Covid-19 vaccines drive people crazy? To the point that the vaccinated would no longer support those who preferred not to be vaccinated? Some examples of discrimination that remind us of the religious wars.

They are the new plague victims, the damned, the excommunicated of modern times, the scabby, the cursed, the rascals. Are we going to rekindle the fires of the inquisition, return to witch trials for all those who have decided not to be vaccinated against Covid-19?
This is what we can think after the numerous and unacceptable reactions of these last days against the antivax. Certainly, they are some hundreds of thousands of French people to have doubts about the harmlessness of the vaccines against Covid-19, conceived a little quickly by Big Pharma. After all, scientists do not agree with each other and the contradictory studies they conduct contribute to a healthy scientific controversy.
So why not accept that some people refuse to receive the vaccine, like those caregivers (about 10% in France) who prefer to lose their job and their salary.
Should we isolate them? Should they be excluded from society like a pruritus that could contaminate the entire social body?

The outcasts according to Noam Chomsky

Or, worse, should they be thrown into camps, like animals, by rationing their food, as suggested by 92-year-old Noam Chomsky, the great intellectual of the American left and world-renowned linguist?
In a video dated October 24, Chomsky explains that, in his opinion, “the only proper attitude of the non-vaccinated would be for them to put themselves out of society.” Then he says that if necessary, they should be “forced to isolate themselves” and treated as outcasts.
And why not shoot them, hang them or shoot them, that would avoid feeding them… Noam Chomsky had accustomed us to a more generous and humanistic thought. Old age, no doubt!

No more RSA from the department

Others refuse to help all those who, having refused the vaccination, have lost their jobs and their salaries. Thus, about fifteen French departments have just written to the Prime Minister Jan Castex, to ask him to suspend the Active Solidarity Income (RSA) “to people deprived of employment following a refusal of the vaccination obligation”. They specify that “The RSA is a “social and professional integration device” which cannot “replace a national allowance paid following a cessation of activity for lack of health pass”.
In other words, it is not up to the departments to financially support decisions made by others, notably the government. The ball is in the government’s court.
In the meantime, the non-vaccinated can starve.

A wall in front of the institution

Discrimination against non-vaccinated people or even establishments that refuse to discriminate between vaccinated and non-vaccinated customers, does not please everyone. A restaurant owner in Zermatt (that’s in Switzerland) who accepts everyone was surprised to discover a wall of concrete blocks put up by the police in front of the entrance of his restaurant Walliserkanne. A wall quickly named “the wall of shame”.
The anti-Covid-19 vaccines are definitely driving people crazy.