Mobilization to defend the public hospital

At the call of several collectives of caregivers, inter-hospitals and inter-emergencies in particular, a large demonstration is planned Saturday, December 4, 2021 in Paris to defend the public hospital in full collapse.

It’s not getting any better. The hospital staff is on the verge of a breakdown. “The staff is at the end of its rope, physically and psychologically,” says a member of the inter-hospital collective. “This cannot continue, we are all heading towards burn-out and we can no longer provide care with the required quality.

Protecting the quality of care

Many people in France’s hospitals are expressing the same weariness, the same fed up. They have been sounding the alarm for months. To no avail.
On November 25, 2021, the staff of the University Hospital of Rennes, the emergency room and the ambulance service organized a funeral ceremony to denounce the death of the hospital. “We are demonstrating to protect the quality of care and to say that we are also tired and exhausted,” explained a nurse to the newspaper Ouest-France. Above all, we are no longer able to take care of emergency patients in satisfactory conditions.
To mark the spirits the staff laid a coffin and roses, then lay down in front of the management to alert on the critical situation of the hospital…

Demonstration in Paris on Saturday

The situation is not new. But it has become much worse with the coronavirus epidemic which has overwhelmed hospitals with new patients. As for the vaccination obligation, it has forbidden 10% of the caregivers to continue to practice.
Add to this the progressive suppression of beds, the lack of material and human means (desertion of doctors and nurses) and the already latent malaise has turned into a big anger. Repeated strikes, demonstrations and petitions have alerted the public authorities for two years. The salary increases granted since October 1 to some 500,000 nurses are not enough to resolve the deep malaise in the hospital.
At the call of several collectives, including the inter-hospital and inter-emergency collective, a large demonstration is planned in Paris on Saturday, December 4, 2021, starting from Place Vauban. A major claim: “To ensure ethical and dignified care missions for patients and staff, the hospital needs an emergency plan.

Big discomfort in the hospitals of France