Luxembourg: outbursts against sanitary measures

The CovidCheck, Luxembourg’s equivalent of our health pass, provides for a strict application of the 3G regime (tested, cured or vaccinated) in companies as of January 15, 2022. Some see this as a discriminatory and liberticidal measure.

The CovidCheck will be compulsory at work to stop the spread of the virus from 15 January 2022, the Luxembourg authorities announced on Friday 3 December. The Minister of Labour, Dan Kersch, made it clear that: “the measures that the government has just taken are without alternative. This is the last attempt to avoid a new confinement, or even a vaccination obligation.” In other words, neither the employees nor their employers have any choice.
This new sanitary turn of screw is explained by the rebound of the epidemic. The coronavirus is circulating in the Grand Duchy where, out of 5009 screening tests during the last 24 hours, 438 were positive, a positivity rate of 8.74%. According to the local press, 90.774 positive cases of Covid have been recorded since the beginning of the epidemic, despite a strong vaccination campaign.

The Christmas market invaded

These measures, although accepted by the unions, are not necessarily welcomed by part of the population. A “national rally” was organized this Saturday afternoon in Luxembourg City to denounce these liberticidal measures.
Some 2,000 demonstrators marched through the streets of the city center.
If, as often, most of the opponents of the CovidCheck expressed themselves in a calm manner, a part of them opposed the forces of order who received projectiles. Several individuals, particularly excited, entered the Christmas market, pushing the walkers. Given the risk of violence, the authorities decided to temporarily close the Christmas market.

The population divided

But the demonstrators continued their route towards the Parliament where new incidents broke out. Some individuals went to the house of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel to throw eggs at the façade.
According to the Luxembourg press, traffic in the city center was severely disrupted throughout the afternoon. The initiatives taken by belligerent individuals do not seem to be accepted by the organizers of these anti-Covid-Check demonstrations. But it is true that the government measures are dividing the population of the Grand Duchy.