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Covid-19: 2 deaths, 43 cases in an Ehpad near Nancy

Located in Jarville-la-Malgrange, in the suburbs of Nancy, the retirement home Le Haut du Bois was affected by a Covid-19 cluster: 31 residents and 12 caregivers were infected and there were two deaths.

“We regret to inform you of the death of another of our residents, also affected by the Covid. We can only ask you to please respect the rules we put in place. They are only there to protect the residents.”
This “information to families” dated February 7, 2022 is signed by Michaël Barthélémy, director of the Haut-du-Bois retirement home in Jarville-la-Malgrange in the nearby suburbs of Nancy. This establishment was taken over by the Colisée group from the Korian group at the beginning of the year. The director specifies: “This weekend, the staff was attacked, insulted, scorned, threatened by people (family(ies) of resident(s)) who do not understand that we are only trying to take care and protect the lives of your parents. We are not here to police. So we are back to making appointments before coming to visit. The number of visits per resident per day is limited. Only 1 appointment with 1 person per resident per day.”

Reinforced barrier gestures

Indeed, for a few days, the Haut du Bois retirement home has had to face a wave of Covid-19. There are now 31 residents who are infected and 12 caregivers according to an inside source. Two residents have died from Covid.
Management has therefore taken measures to prevent people from coming into the facility. Appointment times are limited to between 2 and 5 p.m. The health pass is mandatory. If necessary, the facility will offer a FFP2 mask to visitors. The management reminds families that visitors must respect barrier measures: safety distances (1 meter minimum), no physical contact, mandatory wearing of masks, disinfection of hands with hydroalcoholic gel, etc.
However, the information notes to families state: “Visits by our employees to rooms, outside of daily care, continue, in order to avoid any form of isolation syndrome.
Management also states, “Covid-negative and asymptomatic residents eat in the restaurant and attend group activities. The other residents are visited by the psychologist, the animator, and the entire nursing staff throughout the day.”
We contacted Mr. Barthélémy, who declined to make a statement.

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