Ukraine: Antonio Guterres in Kiev after Moscow

The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, visited this Thursday in the suburbs of Kiev, Boutcha, Irpin and Borodianka, theaters of abuses attributed to the Russian army. “We will continue our work to extend humanitarian aid and ensure the evacuation of civilians from conflict zones,” he said.

  • The Secretary General of the United Nations arrived in Ukraine after meeting Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The UN boss said he was worried about the turn of events and called for a cease-fire “as soon as possible”.
  • For their part, the United States does not seem to want to play appeasement in this conflict. U.S. President Joe Biden wants to ask Congress to release an additional $33 billion to counter Russia, of which $20 billion will be allocated to military aid to Ukraine. This “military and security assistance” requested by the U.S. president is intended to provide enormous help to Ukrainian forces in terms of heavy weapons and ammunition. President Joe Biden is expected to make a statement on this in the coming hours.
  • In the wake of the gas cuts to Poland and Bulgaria, the European Union is crying “blackmail” from Russia. A real hypocrisy when one knows that many European countries, including France, Germany and Poland, send sophisticated weapons to Kiev against Russia.
  • As for Vladimir Putin, who notes the hardening of the Western front against the war in Ukraine, he once again warned, during a press conference in St. Petersburg, “against any external intervention in the conflict, threatening a “rapid and lightning” response.

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