Ukraine : the Polish president trapped by Russian comedians

In a telephone conversation with a Russian impersonator of the French president, the Polish president explains that he does not want a war with Russia and that he is very cautious.

The telephone conversation between Andrzej Duda, the Polish president, and Emmanuel Macron, which was widely broadcast on social networks, was a hoax. But we learn a lot from it.

Shortly after the fall of a missile fired on Polish soil that worried the highest military authorities, two Russian comedians, Vovan and Lexus published on the Internet a seven-minute telephone conversation between Andrzej Duda and a caller who pretended to be Emmanuel Macron whose voice he imitated. The conversation is in English. It is a trap in which the Polish head of state will fall. He admits that he “does not want a war with Russia” and that he is “very, very careful”.

“I’m tired of both”

Here is a part of this interview broadcast on Twitter. The fake French president asks for an explanation of the missile that fell in Poland.
“Both sides in this war have missiles made in Russia,” says the Polish president.
– An S-300 asks the French president?
-You know, it is possible, but there is no proof. I am more afraid with the nuclear power plant in Ukraine than with a dirty bomb.
-What did Volodymyr tell you? What are his plans? What does he want, a big escalation? -He told me that he is sure that it was a Russian missile.
-Does he have any proof?
-He said he has proof. And that President Biden was going to send his experts and they would take part in the investigation.
-But you don’t have experts for that?
-We have experts and there is an investigation going on right now. The American experts will arrive tomorrow morning.
-Thank you, my friend. I am really tired of both, especially of Volodymyr.”

The question now is how the two Russian comedians managed to outwit Polish intelligence to get President Andrzej Duda live. It is known that they are accustomed to this kind of hoax since they have already trapped Emmanuel Macron.