Russia Today : The great return of censorship!

Censored by the EU, the Russia Today (RT) channel is taking its case to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU)… The Union of Journalists is also opposed to this censorship.

Citing a violation of freedom of expression by a democracy claiming to defend it, the channel RT France is taking the case to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), on the merits and in summary proceedings, in order to have the broadcasting ban that was imposed on it without trial annulled.

The French National Union of Journalists (SNJ) also opposes this censorship of RT, by way of a press release: “One never defends freedom by attacking journalists”.

Why is the information on this procedure being broadcast by DejaVu?

  • The principle of adversarial proceedings: lawyers are committed to the idea that a judgment is only forged in the presence of opposing views. If the accusation against RT of being an instrument for the dissemination of the Russian thesis were to be proven true, the resumption of its broadcasting would allow a fortiori to re-establish the adversarial process in the face of media that only disseminate the thesis of the European Union (to caricature: “this country is 100% evil, the other country is 100% nice”).
  • Principle of truth: reality is necessarily more complex than caricature. Thus, allowing RT to disseminate contradictory information, different from a majority media opinion, makes it possible to limit the phenomena of “war propaganda” which always occur in times of war.
  • Juridicality: the referral of a case to a high jurisdiction, namely the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), and moreover by a media that has sometimes shown itself capable of broadcasting information about the Covid-19 vaccination, is of interest to the DejaVu project.
  • Independence: RT France is one of the most independent media we have ever known in relation to sensitive subjects that we have dealt with, and for which a single vision – in favor of the industry – is too often adopted by the traditional media: linky, 5G, vaccine pass.

The media RT has published a statement on this subject, as well as a petition

The petition launched by RT France.