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Mondial Air Ballons : 17th edition takes off

Friday, July 23 at 18:00 on the airfield of Chambley (Meurthe-et-Moselle), Jean Rottner, President of the Conseil Régional Grand Est and Philippe Buron Pilâtre, President and Founder of the Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons (GEMAB) will officially kick off the 17th edition of the Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons.

Created in 1989 on the occasion of the bicentenary of the French Revolution, this event, which was only meant to be ephemeral, has lasted over the years. Every two years precisely, in odd years. For twenty-two months, the team has been preparing this tourist, sports and cultural event, experiencing many ups and downs, due to the pandemic which gave little chance of success. But the Pilâtre de Rozier Organisation team, which presides over the existence of this event, believed in it and its dream was fulfilled, despite the strong complications linked to the Covid 19 pandemic.

10 days of enchantment

More than 400 pilots from about thirty nations (with a considerable drop in British pilots due to the Brexit and the pandemic) have answered the call of the organizers. Thus, for 10 days, morning and evening, the public will be able to watch a magical ballet of hundreds of balloons in the sky. And on the ground, visitors (500,000 people in 2019) will have the opportunity to live amazing experiences thanks to the 50 animations, conferences and workshops related to aeronautics, for young and old, which are proposed between the morning and evening flights.
It should be remembered that since its creation, the event has been offered to spectators (free parking and free entrance).
Of course, the organizers, who salute the excellent work of preparation with the prefecture of Meurthe-et-Moselle and the services of the State, remind that the health pass is mandatory to enter the event.

Please allow extra time for sanitary and Vigipirate controls at the entrance.

The biggest Hot Ballons gathering in the world



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