Covid : an experimental concert on May 29 in Paris

This is a real clinical trial aimed at comparing the risk of contamination between 2 groups of people: an “experimental” group of 5000 people will attend the concert and a “control” group of 2500 people will not attend the concert. Objective: to resume a festive and cultural life in complete safety.

It is a unique scientific and cultural event that will take place on May 29 at the Accor Arena in Paris. The national union of musical and variety shows (PRODISS) and the AP-HP have worked together to organize this experimental concert. The aim is to evaluate the risks of transmission of the COVID-19 virus during a large-scale gathering, in a standing, non-distanced configuration, in a closed hall. It is based on the SPRING* clinical trial which consists in comparing the risk of contamination between two groups of people randomly distributed: 5000 people at the concert and 2500 people at home.

A scientific study

The City of Paris has graciously made available the Accor Arena, which offers all the conditions required to ensure the safety of participants and guarantee the quality of the measurements necessary for the scientific study. This internationally renowned venue is emblematic of the high level of cultural and sports activities in Paris. This experimental concert, conducted under exemplary conditions, will be the signal that Paris is ready to ensure that art, culture and celebration regain their essential place in our daily lives.

Participation in this study is subject to a number of criteria (age, place of residence, risk factors, etc.). A registration form will soon be available on the Ambition Live Again website. Participation in the concert is not guaranteed: by agreeing to participate in the study, you agree to be potentially drawn into the control group that contributes to the advancement of science and culture… by staying home on the 29th!

**SPRING : Study on PRevention of SARS-CoV-2 transmission in a large INdoor Gathering event (name of the scientific study promoted by the AP-HP).

Information and registration