Letter of May 2021 from Gaia to Aurora Kepler

Our planet Earth, Gaia in Greek, considered as a living being, regularly corresponds with another planet in the universe, Aurora Kepler 452 B in the constellation of the Swan. Gilles Voydeville makes us discover this magnificent interstellar correspondence.

Dr Gilles Voydeville (DR)
Dr Gilles Voydeville (DR)

My dear Aurore

I did not wait for your answer but I had to write to you. Because I am furious that the deconfinement continues in Europe and America. My pollution is going to start again and my wildest dreams of enjoying a calm world without charming waste are going to fly away without me being able to hold them back by any hypnotic net.

The British partied and went out in the middle of the night to celebrate the end of their isolation.

Fortunately the Hindus were inconsistent and lifted the barriers without controlling my darling. They committed several faults and as Confucius says, he who commits one and does not repair it commits a second one.

Without any precaution and to prepare his re-election, in immense assemblies their Great Master had gathered them. He had persevered in his error by acting as a lord: he offered his vaccines to the neighbors whom he wanted to oblige. He believed blissfully to have defeated my crowned. Another naive Charming who believes himself above my laws!

Their agony was quick

Another blunder was made in October 2020. It was in Nagpur, a large city in the center of the subcontinent. Every year their believers make a pilgrimage to the Sources of the Ganges in the Himalayan mountains. Millions of charming people go there to draw the salvation of their souls, and it is to be hoped that they have obtained it, because for a considerable number of pilgrims, the contamination was assured by the proximity. And, given their state of malnutrition, their agony was rapid.
As my turbaned child prodigy descends into the muddy waters of the rivers, multiplies his antics in the slums of Bombay and sometimes ventures to climb on the palanquins of elephants, he brings the most populated country in my world to its knees.

The land of maharajas and untouchables is now overwhelmed by my pandemic.

Do not antagonize the religious

It must be said that the hospital infrastructure is insufficient: resuscitation beds are very rare and one bed is often occupied by two dying patients. There is not enough bottled air, not enough medicines, not enough vaccines. The wave is huge and the surge is overwhelming the country while the Grand Master continues to strut and gather his constituents. He did what he had to do to ensure my darling’s success: meetings for his re-election and his permissiveness so as not to upset the religious.

In short, all of this was done in order to spare me a little bit of overpopulation, but if the result is tangible, the intention was not there.

For my survival the adoration of divine creatures has always been a source of benefits: it generates wars, massacres and now in this magnificent Indian subcontinent, it favors gatherings so that my beloved epidemic proliferates. In Europe, the Charmings no longer believe enough in a celestial life and they have less behavior favorable to the decimation of their species.

The people feel threatened

In other cases, by its perversions, it is the exercise of the democracy that turns out to be an aid to save me. Oh, of course! not the beautiful democracy! One of its deviances. As you wrote to me in your March letter, populism is one of them. You explained to me that populism is a will of the people to diminish the rights of minorities, of individuals. Because in front of all their claims, the people feel threatened. And under the guise of universal suffrage, the people elect a despot who will cut back the advantages acquired by the law for women, LBGT, blacks, Muslims, migrants. This authoritarian governance will be carried out in the name of the good of the nation, by a tyrant worthy of the ancient specimens. This elected official, either to exercise or to keep this power, will never hesitate by calculation, by caprice, to sacrifice his fellow men.

This charming elite must not believe in a future world; or else must be terrified of dying and being held accountable…

The lifting of patents

As for the United States, their new Grand Master appears to be an excellent communicator. He has just proposed the lifting of patents to promote the manufacture of vaccines. He obtained a great success by positioning himself against the big laboratories which had nevertheless made immense efforts to discover and produce these filthy products. The truth is, if you listen to the head of the Moderna laboratory, the patents of the vaccines are available online on the Net. The problem is not patent protection but the lack of know-how, because only Moderna and Pfizer know how to produce messenger RNA: “The lifting of patents is an easy and populist answer that will not increase the number of available vaccines by a single dose. What governments can do, however, is to allow exports, because it is still forbidden to export vaccines from the US…” says the CEO of Moderna.

The door opens, he enters

The effectiveness of vaccines worries me. Because Charmant is making progress in his understanding of my darling’s attack mechanisms. Now he knows that the Spike protein is the harpoon of my protégés. He also knows that my little virus is sneaking up on a lovely cell. And when it sees an enzyme used for the degradation of proteins, a protease of its host that is innocently circulating, it catches it. This one, quite naturally, is going to cleave its little Spike darling to release its harpoon and let appear a well made head mounted on a beautiful stem.

This head is the doorman of the jail…

My darling approaches the charming cell, turns around it and, when he sees its lock, he rushes and, clac… He puts his key in it, turns it and, there it is finished for his hostess… The door opens. He enters. The cell struggles and tries again to chase him away. By pure principle. But it knows. When the door of the besieged city opens, its occupants prepare to die. Quickly, as quickly as possible to avoid outrage and torture. My darling does not like blood. He is neither sadistic nor merciful. But he won’t kill his prey. He will make good use of it. With his rod, he refines the work. He sticks it on the membrane of his hostess and they fuse!

The cell takes this as a marriage proposal. The trick is well done.

My little one is in the right place, at work and can enjoy his conquest. He can think of reproducing. Gently, slowly, systematically, he introduces his code to her and violates hers. She can only submit. She reproduces his genome and becomes his slave. She then gives him an offspring, an offspring that he could not generate alone. Thus he becomes a father. His child will be born, grow up and escape to live his life too. And like his father, he will use his little Spike to ensure his descendants. A fairy tale! Ah how charming this family is. It has the manner and the form.

Analysis under the microscope

You see my dear Aurora, what worries me is that Charming has analyzed the attack systems of my viruses and that he will improve his answers. Surprisingly, psychiatrists in Paris have just confirmed the protective role of inhibitors of an enzyme, acid sphyngomyelinase, which they administer in the treatment of depression. These therapists had noticed that the Charmings treated with this drug died half as much from Covid. Microscopic analysis showed that this enzyme facilitates the penetration of my darling by increasing the permeability of the membrane of its cells… Thus the depressed charmers, undoubtedly hyper lucid beings who protect themselves from the wickedness of their society by retreating into absence, are protected and will be ready to be reborn the day when this charming society will have changed…

Vaccination progresses

As for the Austin researchers, they have just discovered that some antibodies, those directed against my darling’s head outside his key, are shared between several Charmings; which is not usual. And that these antibodies are effective even against the variants, because it is this part of which mutates most readily… They also found that the vaccines produced antibodies targeting not only the Spike but also the stem; which gives them a second defense against my little virus and even probably against its co-religionists who will be born from its mutations.

Ah, Vaccination is progressing: on May 21 of my Gregorian calendar, 54.9% of the English, 48.2% of the Americans, 39.2% of the Germans, 34.3% of the Spaniards, 33.2% of the Italians, 32% of the French, and 4.4% of the Japanese were vaccinated.

It must be said that extensive studies on the benefit-risk of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine, made by the EMEA (European Medicines Agency) on May 12, show a very high benefit of this vaccine and particularly in countries with a high degree of circulation of my virus. Cyprus (399 contaminations per 100,000 inhabitants), Sweden (279), the Netherlands (283), Croatia (268), France (207); more than Portugal (25), Finland (27) or the United Kingdom (21.9).

More bad news

If I add vaccination to the immunity acquired by Charming, it spoils my enterprise of containing Charming’s misdeeds. A team from Strasbourg just proved that the Charming immunity given by anti-S antibodies had a half-life of 725 days. That’s a lot and it will protect them for more than two cycles. Those directed against nucleocapsids are only 283 days, but that’s still a lot. They say that the risk of reinfection against my original baby and its cousin the British variant appears to be reduced by 96%. Hopefully a little less against my Afrikaner (72-75%).

Another bad news: it seems that in vaccinated convalescents, immunoglobulin G neutralizes the three variants, whatever their pre-vaccination level, the type of vaccine and the number of doses. I am really afraid that the nice dynamics of my virus will be stopped, while I was happy with the result of the Discovery study which showed that the transfusion of plasma from convalescents was not effective in curing hospitalized patients.

From Wuhan

Charming has decided to vaccinate his teenagers. If this is done, I will be embarrassed to perpetuate the descendants of my darling because beyond a certain percentage of vaccination, there is no more possible transmission.

I still count on the innate sense of this youth who will not take the risks of a vaccine to save old people.

Some news from the famous Wuhan laboratory. Memoirs were produced there and published online in 2014, 2017 and 2019. But at the beginning of 2020 this famous laboratory removed them from the net. There are dissidents in China who have fun putting them back online, triggering the anger of the authorities who have not yet located them. These memoirs confirm that lying is the main communication tool in this country. The authorities lie about the number of viruses discovered in the Ali Baba’s cave of the Mojiang mine. They hide a part of it by modesty or didactic spirit…

The 2017 brief reveals the existence of Wuhan Institute’s work on chimeric viruses that are copy and paste parts to test the infectivity of viruses to human cells

If we remember that in 2015 an American published with the Wuhan Institute on the creation of a highly pathogenic chimeric virus and the scientific community called the trial risky, we begin to target the problem. Especially if the American author is now also calling for the hypothesis of a laboratory accident to be examined as plausible. And if we add the fact that the French who set up and installed the laboratory were not allowed to finish it, we start to get an idea of why and how…

It gives me regrets

Ah my dear Aurora, I am saddened by such charming lightness. I thought Charming was my life’s work and like every disappointed dream, he gives me regrets. I should have educated him better by a noble and soft severity when he was still young. Well, they are pious regrets because gentleness is not the argument he understands best. Until now he has only bent to my will under the yoke of constraint. The charming psychologists will say that he became violent because he underwent the violence himself. I did not find the solution. Either I educated him without brutality and as I know that he does not fear me, he would have escaped me by doing as he pleased. Or I submitted him and he would grow up reproducing my bullying to dominate my nature and the weakest of his. It would have been necessary for me to propose some good which would have been allied with the existing evil.

But as J.J. Rousseaux wrote in his treatise on education called Emile, “in this alloy the good spoils, and the evil does not heal”.

There, my dear Aurora, I have finished my laments. I send you my most vibrant waves so that they ripple to the heart of your star and make your budding dawns quiver. I send you my most tender wishes so that they split your air with a zephyr of happiness. I assure you of my happiest thoughts so that they may intoxicate the song of your birds, your streams and all your creatures.

I will love you until the end of time. They are near and far at the same time. Because if their coming is inevitable, our projects oppose them a soft matter which will make us still dream a long time before the apocalypse.

Your Gaia