A woman killed by dogs

“A young pregnant woman was killed by dogs in the forest of Retz (Aisne), while she was walking there with her dog, and a barbarism was taking place nearby called “chasse à courre” denounces the association Convention Vie et Nature chaired by Gérard Charollois.

The association opposed to hunting in all its forms was a big blow.
She wrote: “Feeling threatened by the presence of dogs, the young woman had time to call her partner who unfortunately discovered her too late. This tragedy should have made this one of a press worthy of the name.
At this time, it is known that his death was caused by a haemorrhage due to several dog bites on the upper and lower limbs and on the head.
Of course, at this stage of the judicial inquiry, there can be no question of naming a guilty party.
But France lives under the spell of hunting and power and the official media remain silent about the incidents, accidents, altercations that this marginalizing leisure activity generates, a leisure activity that is too well guarded.
In France: “silence, we kill”.
The public needs to know.
At this stage of the investigations, to know, not the name of a guilty person not yet unmasked, but the facts.
The genetic analyses on the 93 dogs will speak.
Will they speak in the complicit silence of the censors?
It should be remembered that 80% of the French are calling for the abolition of hunting by running, this cruel game of “bleeding”.

Life and Nature Convention
A Force For The Living

Editor’s note- It should be noted that at this stage of the investigation, there is nothing to formally criminalize hunting dogs. Especially since other dogs were roaming in the area that day, as the victim indicated, shortly before she was attacked. Hunting supporters defended themselves in a statement issued Wednesday evening: “There is no evidence of the involvement of hunting dogs in the death of this woman. These dogs are trained to hunt a particular animal and obey man in all circumstances.”